Momentum 2.0: Delhi Metro’s Commuting Revolution

Momentum 2.0: Delhi Metro's Commuting Revolution

In a bid to revolutionize the commuting experience, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has launched the Momentum 2.0 app, packed with innovative features. From QR ticketing to online shopping and digital locker bookings, this app promises to simplify the lives of metro commuters. Let’s delve into the details of how you can make the most out of these exciting services.

Booking a Locker with Momentum 2.0

  1. Download or Update the App: Ensure you have the Momentum 2.0 app installed. You can find it on the Play Store or App Store.
  2. Account Setup: Create an account or log in using your Gmail or Facebook credentials.
  3. Book Locker:
    • Tap on the “Book Locker” icon.
    • Choose your preferred metro station.
    • Select the locker size (small, medium, or large).
    • Pick the date and time for your locker usage.
    • Review the details and confirm your booking by making the payment.
  4. Accessing Your Locker: On your travel day, go to the designated metro station. Enter the locker number and password received via notification to access your locker.

How to add IRCTC eWallet in app

Note: Locker service is currently available at 50 stations, with plans to expand to more stations by June 2024. Charges start at Rs 20/hour, and different pins are generated for each booked locker.

Purchasing QR Tickets with Momentum 2.0

  1. QR Ticket Booking:
    • Tap on the “QR Ticket” icon.
    • Enter your source and destination stations.
    • Choose the ticket type (single journey or return journey).
    • Review the fare and confirm your booking by making the payment.
  2. Traveling with QR Code: Upon successful payment, the app generates a QR code. Scan this code at the entry and exit gates for seamless metro travel.

Online Shopping Made Easy:

  1. Shop Online Feature:
    • Tap on the “Shop Online” icon.
    • Explore retailers or search for specific items.
    • Add desired items to your cart.
    • Proceed to checkout and provide your delivery address (a metro station of your choice).
    • Complete the payment to place your order.
  2. Order Pickup: Receive a notification once your order is ready for pickup at the designated metro station.

Delhi Metro’s Momentum 2.0 app is a game-changer, offering a unified platform for commuting, shopping, and storage needs. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive services, it’s set to redefine how commuters experience metro travel. Embrace the future of commuting convenience with Momentum 2.0


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