MSI Accidentally Exposes Intel 14th Gen Core Series Details in a Video

MSI, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and other PC components, has made a mistake of sharing an unlisted video that has revealed some details about Intel 14th Gen Core Series. Unfortunately, the video has been taken down by MSI now.

What MSI Leaked About Intel 14th Gen Core Series

Intel 14th Gen Core Series specs

The video was a product training video that showed MSI’s latest Intel 700 motherboard series and upcoming PC cases. However, there was also a slide that briefly explained Intel’s next-gen Core series, also known as Raptor Lake-S Refresh.

The slide confirmed that Intel’s 14th Gen Core series will not have any major core count upgrades, except for one model. The Core i7-14700K will have 12 efficient cores, instead of 8 in the previous generation. The rest of the models will have the same core configuration as the current 13th Gen Raptor Lake series. For example, the Core i9-14900K will have 8 performance cores and 16 efficient cores.

The slide also confirmed that the new CPUs will use the same Intel 7 process technology and will support higher DDR5 frequency. The slide claimed that the new CPUs will offer an average of 3% performance improvement over the current generation, with the Core i7-14700K being the most notable exception with up to 17% faster multi-threaded performance.

MSI Intel 14th Gen Core Series

When Will Intel Launch the 14th Gen Core Series

Intel has not officially confirmed or announced the 14th Gen Core series yet, but it is expected to do so at the Innovation 2023 event in September. The first models to launch will likely be the unlocked K and KF-series, followed by the non-K models early next year. The new CPUs will use the same LGA-1700 socket as the previous two generations, making them compatible with existing motherboards.

The 14th Gen Core series will be a refresh of the Raptor Lake series, while the next major architectural change will come with the 15th Gen Arrow Lake series in late 2024.


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