Netflix Enforces Individual Account Usage in India to Curb Sharing

Netflix, the global streaming giant, has made a significant move in its efforts to combat password sharing in India and other countries. The company has now expanded its crackdown on users sharing Netflix accounts outside their households to a global scale, including India. This comes after implementing paid sharing restrictions in more than 100 countries earlier this year.

A Firm Stance on Account Sharing

To address the issue of password sharing, Netflix has started sending emails to its Indian subscribers, explicitly stating that accounts should only be used within a single household. This move aims to enforce the policy and encourage users to maintain individual account usage within their respective homes.

Strategies to Tackle Widespread Account Sharing

Netflix’s approach to curbing account sharing is a part of its ongoing experiment with various strategies and tactics. The platform has faced the challenge of account sharing being prevalent in more than 100 million households worldwide.

Anticipating Revenue Growth

During a recent earnings call, Netflix expressed optimism about revenue growth in the second half of 2023. The company believes that monetization will increase as a result of its recent implementation of paid sharing restrictions, which now contribute to over 80% of its revenue base.

Shift in Subscription Plans

Apart from the password-sharing crackdown, Netflix has also made changes to its subscription plans in the US and UK. The Basic ad-free plan has been phased out for new and returning members in these regions, following Canada. Instead, the platform offers attractive entry prices for its Standard plans, which support ads, allow Full HD viewing, and enable simultaneous streaming on two devices.

Rising Subscriber Count

Despite these measures, Netflix continues to witness growth in its subscriber count. In Q1 2023, the platform gained 5.89 million net new subscribers, marking an 8% year-over-year growth. As a result, Netflix’s total global subscriber count now stands at a remarkable 238.39 million.

Flexibility for Household Members

It’s essential to note that Netflix allows flexibility for users within the same household. Subscribers can access the platform from various locations, ensuring an uninterrupted streaming experience.

Future Outlook

As Netflix maintains its commitment to providing a wide variety of new movies and TV shows, it aims to cater to diverse preferences and tastes, regardless of language or audience demographics.


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