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Acer Ozone Antibacterial Sanitizer Water Purifier and acerpure Air Purifiers details and offers during this festive season

Acer, a famous PC maker, also makes water and air purifiers. Yes, you’ve heard it right! Acer’s product line includes an Ozone antibacterial sanitizer water purifier and acerpure air purifiers. Let’s have a closer look at those products and check their pricing and availability.

Acer Ozone Antibacterial Sanitizer Water Purifier

The antibacterial ozonated water can be used to wash hands, dishes, clothes, and mop the floor. The “instant ozone generating technology” dissolves ozone right away in water, which removes harmful pesticide residues from the surface of food quickly and effectively. Ozonated water is approved by the FDA and is often used in the food and beverage industry to clean bottles and tools.

Ozone Antibacterial Sanitizer is a great way to get rid of E. coli and can be used instead of cleaning products with alcohol. This simple and easy-to-use tool works with regular tap water to make ozonated water, which is used to clean things like fresh food, cutlery, and surfaces.

The water from the Ozone Antibacterial Sanitizer has also been shown to eradicate ailments common in pets such as bacterial infections, fungal infections, parasites, and allergies. Water can be sterilised, deodorised, bleached, and preserved during the reduction process.

Availability – https://acer.co/3e6Zzn7

Price – ₹16,999.00

acerpure Air Purifiers

The acerpure air purifiers can be run by an app and come with or without a fan. The C2 and P2 monitor the indoor air quality and send automatic alerts to mobile phones when there is air pollution outside. This means that the indoor air quality can be monitored even when no one is home.

With its 4-in-1 HEPA filter, the product takes charge of the air quality and gets rid of up to 99% of airborne bacteria, 99.97% of ultrafine dust, PM1.0, and allergies. This helps keep the inside of a building clean and healthy. Both the acerpure Pro P2 and the acerpure cool C2 are made to kill 99.99% of bacteria, 99% of the coronavirus (229E), and 99% of the influenza A (H1N1) virus.

The new line of products has technology that cuts down on noise. When combined with a display that is turned off, this creates the perfect setting for a good night’s sleep.

Availability – https://acer.co/3AZ6wA0

Price – Starts at ₹9,999.00

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