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“Acer Vero Ploggathon”: Acer India promotes recycling & non-littering 

The “Acer Vero Ploggathon” was organized by Acer India in collaboration with the well-known plogger Ripu Daman Bevli as a part of the company’s worldwide initiative known as “Earthion.” The participants in this one-of-a-kind event got together to pick up trash and plastic while they jogged and walked in the morning and participated in other enjoyable activities as well. This ploggathon took place in various significant areas of Bangalore, including the Brigade Road, Church Street, MG Road, and Commissariat Road.

Ripu Daman Bevli, who is known as the Plogman of India for his contributions to the crisis of littering in India and for introducing the idea of plogging to our country, is often referred to as “the Plogman of India.” This endeavor was driven by the management team of Acer India, in collaboration with Acer employees, the employees’ family members, college students, and members of the general public. During the course of the ploggathon, hundreds of kilograms of waste were collected, all of which will be recycled in an ethical manner in collaboration with an NGO.

During the ploggathon, Sooraj Balakrishnan, the Head of Marketing for Acer India, stated, “We are happy to come together early in the morning and be a part of this initiative at Acer.” We are grateful that Ripu Daman, none other than the Plogman of India himself, was available to help us with this endeavor. We are a brand that takes environmental issues seriously and has been participating in the Earthion Initiative’s efforts to become more sustainable. We have launched our Vero laptop as part of this initiative. The Vero laptop is made up of up to 30 percent recycled plastic and saves up to 21 percent of carbon emission. This allows us to assist organizations and governments in achieving their sustainability goals. We are excited to move this initiative forward with additional contributions to our society and to making the world a better place to live for our children and grandchildren.

“It was amazing to see more than 300 people from Acer, their families, and college students join this morning,” said Ripu Daman Bevli, the Plogging Ambassador of India. These kinds of mornings give me reason to believe that we are heading in the right direction. In addition to the participation of each and every Indian, we require businesses such as Acer India to get involved in order to realize our shared vision of a litter-free India.

The following is a list of some of this initiative’s accomplishments and recognitions:

  • Achieve a renewable energy mix consisting of at least 60 percent by the year 2025 and 100 percent (RE100) by the year 2035.
  • The core products will contain 30 percent PCR plastic by the year 2025.
  • Eighty percent of essential suppliers have committed to RE100 by the year 2025.
  • 80 percent reduction in carbon by the year 2050 (Compared with the baseline year of 2009)
  • By the year 2025, it is anticipated that products manufactured by Acer will consume 45 percent less energy (Compared with the baseline year of 2016)
  • One hundred percent of notebook packaging is crafted from environmentally friendly materials.
  • Winner of the Reddot Award for Packaging Design in 2021
  • Good design award in 2021

Earthion is Acer’s initiative to engineer a better tomorrow, and it was launched in the year 2020. It seeks to address the environmental challenges faced by the current generation by employing creative and holistic approaches to problem solving. One of Acer’s six missions, which it has established to direct its work and ensure that it keeps looking for innovative solutions, is the Vero series, which consists of laptops and peripherals. This mission represents Acer’s dedication to making the technology industry more environmentally friendly.

Acer’s goal with the Earthion initiative is to raise awareness about the interconnected crises of climate change, biodiversity and nature loss, and pollution, which together pose a significant risk to human health and wellbeing as well as equality and peace in the world. Earthion is a platform that brings together various sustainable practices and works toward the creation of a greener future.

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