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Amazon Prime Membership gets price hike for monthly and quarterly plans: Here are the new prices

Amazon Prime

Following a price increase for its monthly and quarterly fees, Amazon Prime membership has become more expensive in India. The most recent increase in the price of Amazon Prime membership occurs roughly 16 months after the previous one, which was announced in December 2021.

Existing Prime members will find some comfort in the fact that they can still subscribe to the service at the previous rates, but there are some restrictions. The most recent price increase excludes annual membership plans.

Amazon Prime Membership in India: New Monthly and Quarterly Costs

Amazon Prime membership in India now costs Rs 299, up from Rs 179 announced in December 2021. Amazon has raised Prime membership costs by Rs 120 per month. In terms of quarterly Prime rates, it will now cost Rs 599, up from Rs 459—a hefty increase of Rs 140 for a three-month subscription.

It’s worth noting that there has been no increase in the price of a yearly membership, which remains at Rs 1,499. Similarly, the annual Prime Lite membership option costs Rs. 999 per year.

Amazon Prime Membership Prices: New vs. Old

PlanNew PriceOld Price
Monthly Prime (1 month)₹ 299₹ 179
Quarterly Prime (3 months)₹ 599₹ 459
Annual Prime (12 months)₹ 1499₹ 1499
Annual Prime Lite (12 months)₹ 999₹ 999

Existing Amazon Prime members need not be concerned about the price increase. Here’s why:

Existing subscribers won’t be required to pay the additional sum as a result of the price increase for Amazon Prime membership. According to Amazon, current customers can continue to take advantage of Prime benefits for as long as their current Prime membership is active without having to pay an additional fee. Additionally, the firm gives current customers the option to keep renewing their Prime subscriptions at the same rates.

According to Amazon, until the last renewal before January 15, 2024, you can continue to auto-renew in the same Prime plan at the existing pricing of Rs 459 for 3 months (and Rs 179 for a month). Amazon does note, though, that this deal is only valid as long as the auto-payment doesn’t decline. The firm continues, “In case the auto payment fails or the customer revokes the consent to auto-renew, you will need to renew Prime at the new prices.”

As anticipated, Amazon Prime yearly plan subscribers don’t need to be concerned; the recent price increase only affects monthly and quarterly members in India.

Notably, the Amazon Prime membership fee page now includes a list of the updated costs.


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