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Android Lock Screens may have ads soon

Glance, which is only three years old, is largely credited with finding a way to put content on the lockscreen, a valuable piece of real estate that has helped smartphone companies make more money in recent years. Based on the user’s interests, the startup customizes the content feed on the lockscreen, which encourages them to spend more time with content.

Ads could soon show up on the lock screens of Android phones. One company is already working with wireless carriers to put personalized content on a number of devices starting next month.

The technology was made by Glance, which is a company owned by the ad company InMobi. According to a report from TechCrunch, it already sends content to 400 million lock screens in Asia, and it’s now aiming for the United States. But iPhone users shouldn’t worry. This will only happen to phones with Android.

The report says that there will be “media and current affairs content” as well as casual games right on the Android Lock Screen. From a news story to an ad seems like a small step, though.

The report doesn’t say which carriers are on board with Glance’s plans or on which devices the technology will be used. But we can only guess that this could lead to devices and service plans that run ads. Some of the best Kindle deals are available because Amazon shows ads on the screen when the e-readers aren’t being used. Could this be a similar case?

With iOS 16, Apple is also making changes to the Lock Screen by adding widgets that look like Apple Watch complications and new ways to customize it. The beta version of the update is already out, and the final version should be out in or around September.

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