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[App Of The Week] Wallet: Your Finances in One Place!



Wallet is a financial planner that allows you to plan your budget and track your spending in a flexible way so that you can stay in control and meet your objectives. Actively plan, manage, and receive reports on your finances with the help of individuals you trust, across numerous currencies, banks, and financial institutions. Additionally, you can upload your Loyalty or Reward cards. Take charge of your money and maintain it that way. You can now keep track of your money with ease!!!


Price: Free to use | In-app purchases
Size: 35 MB
Version: 8.3.161
Updated: 11 November 2021
Rated: Rated 18+
Developer: BudgetBakers.com


🔗 Automatic Bank Updates – Transactions are automatically and securely connected with your bank, smartly categorized and factored into your budget. With 3,500 participating banks worldwide, you’ll save loads of time not having to track every penny.
🗂 Imports or Manual Bank Updates – You can now import all your transaction data from sources of your choice to Wallet so you will get a full report. Be it from your bank or your own spreadsheets.
💰 Flexible Budgets – Budgets help you to plan & save money for the future. Whatever it is you need to accomplish, from paying off debts to buying a car or saving for retirement, Wallet offers the flexibility to meet your goals and cleverly react to any changing financial circumstances.
📊 Insightful reports – Easy-to-understand graphs and financial overviews give you actionable finance insights about the state of your finances, across bank accounts, credit and debit cards, debts and cash. You can get your income & expense report.
🤝 Sharing selected accounts – Selected accounts can be shared with family, friends or colleagues who need to cooperate on a budget. Everyone can contribute from any platform, whether it be Android, the Web version.
⏰ Planned Payments – Never miss a due date with this bill tracker. Organize bills and keep track of due dates. See upcoming payments and how the payments will impact your cash flow.
🗂 Loyalty and Reward cards – Upload all your plastic cards with bar-codes to Wallet to get rid of all the unnecessary junk which make your wallet extremely big and heavy. You can even share your cards with family members and collect points all in one account. Make your life lighter.


★ Flexibility to share information about your accounts and budgeting with family and friends
★ Wallet is compatible with over 3,500 banks around the world.
★ By Budget Wallet All of your account transactions will be automatically tracked by Bakers.
You can just email subsequent imports to your unique email address, and Wallet will import your records according to the rules you’ve established.
★ Imports are a completely free function, and anyone with a Wallet account can use the online interface to import their data.

The Wallet app has a lot of functionality, a simple UI, and excellent customer service. You may create unique budgets for your expenses by week, month, or even year using this software. You’ll be able to get a better view of your finances once you’ve started using Wallet. You can conveniently keep track of your purchases, categorize payments, and establish spending limitations, among other features. Then there’s the app’s global accessibility and bank sync, which separates it from the pack. All of this is included within a visually appealing user interface. And all of this is provided at no cost. Although paid versions are available, most users should be able to get by with the free version.

The Good:
★ Easily track spending
★ Simple and easy to use UI
★ Start with a template, Customize as you wish
★ Set budgets for spending you want to control
★ Save responsibly & achieve goals
★ Stay in control of your credit

To be improved:
★ Connectivity issues with bank.
★ Maintaining spreadsheets and keeping them up to date was a hassle.
★ Only premium members can connect their banks.

Call on Wallet to help you manage your money more successfully. It’s quite handy, and despite its simplicity, the dynamic money management tool provides a wealth of information about your finances – Download Now!!!

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