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[App update] Group Voice Calling feature added to telegram beta!

[App update] Group Voice Calling feature added to telegram beta! 

When Telegram reached over 400 million monthly users in April this year the company indicated its plans to launch community video calls by the end of the year. While we have not yet found any proof of community video calling, the organisation has now begun evaluating group voice calls.

How to Use Telegram Group Voice Calling on Android: 
Telegram has introduced experimental support for community voice calling with the new Telegram beta 7.3.0 update. Open a group to access the function and tap on the group header to extend it. You can also see the list of group members, notification settings, and group renaming capabilities. Tap the ellipsis (vertical three-point) icon in the top right corner of this page and select ‘Start Voice Chat’.
A pop-up appears when you start a group audio chat that invites you to confirm the collection. Interestingly, there is a checkbox that only lets administrators chat. In this way, respondents who are not managers would be in a listen-only mode. This is a neat choice, and in large group chats, it will certainly be convenient. Furthermore the option of initiating calls is restricted to administrators.
Once you have entered the call, by default, you will be on mute. Much like how you send voice messages, you can either tap on the big unmute button or hold the mic button to talk. The blue mic button will turn green when you’ve unmuted yourself and will display visual animations when you speak. 
Get Telegram Group Voice Calling on Android: 

Telegram’s community voice calling is on par with other messaging applications, from my experience. When I made some calls with it, I didn’t find any noticeable latency. Nevertheless the procedure of initiating a group call at this time is a little tedious. If Telegram adds a call button right on the group’s homepage, it will be handy before the feature finds its way to the stable edition. 
You can download the new update from Microsoft’s App Center if you’re interested in checking out Telegram voice community chats. Bear in mind that, alongside the stable version, this beta version will co-exist. Therefore while remaining on Telegram’s stable channel, you can try out the feature.

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