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Apple developing on Gaming and Fitness apps for its AR/VR Headset: Full Report


According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple is working on developing a range of software and services for its upcoming headset that combines virtual and augmented reality. The company hopes to attract sceptical consumers with apps that utilise the device’s unique 3D interface.

Features, Apps, and Challenges for Apple’s Mixed-Reality Headset

Apple is set to reveal a mixed-reality headset in June that will provide users with a fresh approach to engaging with gaming, fitness, and collaboration tools.

A new headset has been announced with a price tag of around $3,000, The device will include optimised versions of current iPad apps and new apps specifically created to make the most of its distinctive capabilities.

Apple’s suite of optimised apps, which includes Safari, services for calendars, contacts, files, home control, mail, maps, messaging, notes, photos, reminders, music, news, stocks, weather, and a version of the FaceTime conferencing service, has been released.

In the latest news, Apple is reportedly working on a virtual reality headset that will come with a range of apps, including a version of its Freeform collaboration app and an app for meditating, taking photos, and reading in virtual reality. Apple’s upcoming headset will include a version of its Fitness+ service, allowing users to work out while immersed in a virtual reality environment with the guidance of an instructor.

Apple faces the challenge of making its headset a mainstream product, which will require the cooperation of app developers. In a recent announcement, the company revealed that it is collaborating with a select group of developers to enhance their current software for mixed reality. The ultimate goal is to enable numerous iPad applications from the App Store to function seamlessly on the headset, either automatically or with minor adjustments.

xrOS is built on the iOS platform

Apple’s new headset will run on xrOS, an operating system based on iOS, ensuring compatibility with their hardware. Apple’s mixed reality headset is rumoured to feature an interface similar to iOS as well as a supplementary display for Mac, according to previous reports.

Apple’s mixed-reality headset success in the long term is uncertain despite their efforts. Mixed-reality models have been struggling to gain traction due to the absence of killer apps, which has hindered their popularity, similar to the iPhone’s success. Apple is aiming to develop a platform that could potentially replace the iPhone, leveraging its strong brand and loyal customer base.


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