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Apple Postpones its AR Glasses, plans affordable MR Headset: Report


Apple intends to release a mixed-reality headset later this year but has put its AR glasses on hold due to technical difficulties. According to Bloomberg, a less expensive version of the AR/VR headset may be released.

Apple AR glasses project is on hold

Apple has been working on new AR glasses in addition to the upcoming mixed-reality headset. These glasses were designed to focus on basic tasks like displaying notifications rather than providing immersive VR features. However, it seems that Apple’s plans for this product may have also changed.

Apple had planned to release its AR glasses after the launch of its mixed-reality headset, which combines AR and VR. According to people familiar with the matter, the company has now decided to release a lower-cost version of the mixed-reality headset after the initial one is released, as early as 2024 or 2025, according to Bloomberg.

Apple’s rumoured mixed reality headset will have two 4K Micro-LED panels, providing a high-resolution, immersive experience. Additionally, the device will include advanced sensors such as multiple cameras and a LiDAR scanner, as well as hand gesture detection, eye tracking, iris recognition, voice control, skin detection, and facial expression detection. The AirPods and Apple Watch are expected to inspire the design. It is estimated that Apple will ship 10 million AR/VR devices by 2026.

AR/VR headset could be made more affordable

Apple has not yet announced its first AR/VR headset, but the company is reportedly concerned about its high price. Rumor has it that the first generation device will cost around $3,000 USD. To make the technology more accessible, Apple is said to be working on a lower-cost version of the device, with the goal of making it roughly the same price as an iPhone. The current iPhone 14 lineup is priced between $800 and $1,600.

According to a report, Apple’s mixed reality (MR) headset is simpler to build but bulkier than an augmented reality (AR) device that resembles regular eyeglasses. While virtual reality (VR) is fully immersive, augmented reality (AR) overlays virtual information on the real world, and mixed reality (MR) combines real-world and digital elements to allow users to interact in a virtual environment.


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