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Apple Watch reportedly detects pregnancy before clinical tests: All you need to know


Apple Watch is unquestionably a companion health gadget, with functions like heart tracking, ECG, oximeter, and more. This time, though, it was said that an Apple Watch could tell a woman was pregnant before she even knew it.

Apple Watch detects pregnancy before clinical testing

An Apple Watch user on Reddit posted the story. According to the 34-year-old woman, she grew suspicious when the watch indicated that her typical resting heart rate had jumped significantly in a matter of days. “Normally, my resting heart rate is at 57, but it has risen to 72,” the user explained. There are numerous reasons why a person’s heart rate rises significantly. The woman initially thought she had COVID-19 because a high heart rate is one of the symptoms, but a COVID test revealed that this was not the case. It didn’t appear to be a typical cold, either.

That’s when she discovered several articles online claiming that pregnant women can experience an increased heart rate in the first few weeks of pregnancy. “I read that this happens sometimes with early pregnancy,” she explained, “and sure enough, the test came back positive immediately.” A doctor confirmed that the woman was four weeks pregnant when she went to a clinic for a pregnancy test. Of course, the Apple Watch does not have an official feature to detect pregnancy, but it’s interesting to observe how the watch determined that there was anything out of the ordinary going on simply by changing the average heart rate.

Cycle Tracking Features

The Apple Watch includes a Cycle Tracking app that allows users to record information about their menstrual cycle. Apple has introduced a body temperature sensor to the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra, which can also improve period forecasts and provide retroactive ovulation estimations based on temperature variations during sleep.

On Apple’s website, you can learn more about how these features function.

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