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Apple will test new App Store ads focusing on privacy and transparency

Apple, a world leader in technology, has said that it will soon start testing two new ways to put ads on the App Store. The idea behind these new placements is to give app developers more chances to give users more chances to find their apps.

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One of the new places for ads is in the “You Might Also Like” section of the product page for an app. Another one is on the page that says “Apps You Might Also Like.” AppleInsider says that both placements will be labeled as ads to make it clear which are editorial recommendations and which are recommendations made by users.

“Apple Search Ads gives developers of all sizes the chance to grow their business,” says a quote from the company that leads the tech industry.

Also, it was written that “The foundation for these new ad placements is the same as for our other advertising options. They will only show content from the App Store product pages of approved apps and follow the same strict privacy rules.”

According to the report, the exact release date of the new ad placements is not known yet, but Apple has said that it will start testing the slots soon.

Before, there were only two places to put ads on the App Store, and both of them only showed up when users looked for new apps.

The tech giant says that the new advertising spaces won’t take away from the company’s commitment to privacy and openness.

Apple, for example, doesn’t do things like hyper-targeting specific users or small groups of users. It also doesn’t show personalized ads to people under 18, and it doesn’t use sensitive information like a person’s religion or politics to show ads.

In addition, the report said that Apple told advertisers in May that 78 percent of App Store searches came from devices that did not collect first-party data. From the report, we got this information.

Even so, Apple said that its advertising technology that protects privacy works just as well for businesses, as the company explained.

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