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Apple’s crash detection system, triggered by amusement park rides.

The crash detection feature that Apple offers is intended to assist users in the event that they are involved in an accident; however, it has been discovered that the devices are also reading roller coaster rides as mishaps.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, there have been multiple incidents in which the electronic devices carried by guests at amusement parks have transmitted crash alerts to the appropriate authorities in the United States.

A notification of this kind was sent out from the phone of Sara White, who was at the Kings Island amusement park, which is located just outside of Cincinnati.

She tucked her iPhone 14 into the pouch on her waist just before getting on the amusement park’s roller coaster. After she got off the ride, she checked her phone and found that she had missed several calls and voice messages from a 911 operator who was concerned about her whereabouts.

It was decided to send a group to the amusement park. White got in touch with the emergency dispatcher once again and assured them that she was doing fine.

The WSJ reports that six such calls were received from individuals who were present at the amusement park. Additionally, Apple devices sent out crash alerts from a different park in the Chicago area.

The calls are adding more work to the load that the responders already have. We keep a close eye on incoming phone calls. “No call is not checked,” a government official stated to the WSJ. “You get used to calls that are not an emergency, but it’s wear and tear on the dispatchers,” said the person.

The crash detection feature of Apple’s iPhone 14 line and Watch Series 8 can identify head-on collisions as well as rollovers involving pickup trucks, sedans, SUVs, and minivans. This feature is compatible with Apple’s CarPlay and Siri.

The devices will automatiCally flash an Emergency Call slider the moment they detect any kind of impact. The user has the option to either make the call or ignore it. However, after a twenty second delay, the devices will contact emergency services if the people do not respond.

It is possible to turn off the crash detection feature offered by Apple in order to prevent receiving unnecessary notifications.

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