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Apple’s My Photo Stream Service to Be Discontinued: Explore Better Options

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Apple has recently announced that it will be shutting down its My Photo Stream service in the coming months, leaving users in search of alternative photo storage options. The company has set the termination date for July 26, 2023, and will begin the process of winding down the service starting in June, disabling the ability to upload new photos.

Photo Accessibility and Backup

For users concerned about their photos uploaded to My Photo Stream prior to the shutdown, Apple has provided some reassurance. The photos will be stored in iCloud for a period of 30 days, allowing users to access them on any iCloud-enabled device. However, it is important to note that Apple emphasizes these photos will be deleted, so it is crucial to ensure proper backup prior to July 26.

If you have devices with My Photo Stream enabled and under the same Apple ID account, there should already be a backup of your photos. Additionally, if you have access to the original device where the photos were captured, they should be stored locally. It is advisable to check your photo library on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer to confirm whether the required images are stored locally.

Recommended Alternatives

Looking ahead, Apple recommends utilizing iCloud Photos as the preferred method for storing photos and videos. iCloud offers a free option with 5GB of storage, and additional storage can be obtained by upgrading the service to accommodate individual needs. However, for those who have lost confidence in Apple’s offerings, there are other reputable cloud backup services available.

Consider exploring alternatives such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and other similar services. These platforms provide reliable cloud storage options and may suit your requirements. It is essential to make the transition and back up all your photos before the termination of My Photo Stream on July 26.


As Apple prepares to shut down its My Photo Stream service, users are encouraged to plan accordingly and seek alternative photo storage solutions. While existing photos will be accessible in iCloud for 30 days, it is crucial to back them up properly to avoid any data loss.

iCloud Photos is recommended as the primary option, with the possibility of upgrading storage if necessary. However, other cloud backup services like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive offer viable alternatives. Ensure you have a backup plan in place before the July 26 deadline to avoid any inconvenience or loss of cherished memories.


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