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Best Light weight browser for Windows & Mac

There are a lot of browsers out there, and some are claimed to be “lightweight,” but how would you describe a lightweight browser? Without going into the technical aspect, we consider the browser to be “lightweight” if it can run smoothly on an old PC with a little bit of RAM. No freeze on startup, fast rendering of websites and graphics, and this doesn’t make the CPU fan noisy.

The following 3 are the compiled of light browsers for Windows 10. Although lightweight, you can use all of them as standard browsers without sacrificing critical features. Each one is scanned to be 100% protected by multiple antivirus engines and comes with effective privacy controls.

1. Slimjet

Slimjet is a mind-blowingly fast Chromium fork web browser that won’t disappoint you with a multitasker. Its superior compatibility with Windows 10 can be traced back to a framework designed around the “Microsoft Trident shell,” the same as the Internet Explorer.

Does your trackpad freeze on other browsers while flickering around? You will never experience that kind of lockout with Slimjet. Browsing speed is very fast when you’re browsing some new tab or menu object. In reality, the browser is so sensitive that it takes less than a split second to see the effect.

Compared to Chrome or Firefox, Slimjet claims to offer up to 12 times faster file transfer speeds and 20 times faster photo upload speeds. Although we’re not going to offer a voucher for that kind of ads, it certainly feels incredibly easy.

The browser has some useful features, such as a built-in ad-blocker, a screenshot capture function, a screen recorder, and a turbocharged download manager. It also lets you install Chrome web extensions as if you never left Chrome in the first place.

2. UR Browser

Another Chrome-based browser, the UR browser, repeats the advantages of Slimjet with identical support for Google Chrome extensions. You may opt to load VPN and 3D parallax wallpapers on your browser or keep the design minimal. Download files very easily by breaking them into smaller pieces, and you’ll find far less latency while the page is loading.

What distinguishes the UR browser from the others is its support for enhanced privacy. With three modes, including “high privacy,” “medium privacy,” and “low privacy,” privacy controls are very close to Microsoft’s Edge Chromium edition.

3. Yandex Browser

The Yandex browser, and based on actual experience, I have to agree with this lofty feeling. There’s only so much beneath the hood that comes from real user experiences. If you’re searching for a lightweight but powerful Windows PC browser, Yandex won’t let you down! “Surprisingly awesome!” This is how one Reddit user defines the Yandex browser

To start with, you can use its Turbo speed features to customize your browser for low link speeds. It compresses every video that is a perfect customization while you’re on the move. It also has a Power mode that allows you to save the power of your computer when the battery is low, disabling video games.

Yandex has several minimal features that are enabled in Settings. You may opt not to view side panels, bookmarks bars, high resolution animated backgrounds, or news and weather feeds. There is a “Protect” tab to ensure that you run security checks on downloaded files, support phishing protection for banking information, and use encryption on public Wi-Fi networks. You can switch off the lights in the movie theater mode and take screenshots.

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