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Last month, Google released Chrome 94, which included a number of new features, including HTTPS-First mode, Chrome Sharing Hub, and a less cluttered Settings page. Chrome 95, a new edition from Google, has been released. Material The current Chrome update includes a makeover for everyone on Android 12, secure payment confirmation, the option to preserve tab groups, and more.

Users had to enable a few Chrome flags to get their hands on the new Material You design, which Google has been steadily rolling out to Chrome for Android in recent months. However, Android Police reports that the Material You redesign is now available by default on Android 12 with Chrome 95 for everyone.

Furthermore, Chrome 95 adds a new payment extension to WebAuthn, which provides a consistent, frictionless, and secure authentication experience for online payments.

“Secure payment confirmation improves the web payment authentication experience with WebAuthn support.” According to Google, “the feature adds a new ‘payment’ extension to WebAuthn, which allows a relying party, such as a bank, to create a PublicKeyCredential that can be queried by any merchant origin as part of an online checkout via the Payment Request API using the’secure-payment-confirmation’ payment method,” the feature “allows a relying party, such as a bank, to create a PublicKeyCredential that can be queried by

Save group toggle in Chrome for desktop

Then there’s Chrome 95, which enables web apps to register as custom URL handlers. As a result, web apps will be able to behave more like native apps.

In other news, Chrome’s most recent update now allows you to save tab groups. However, this feature is currently hidden behind a flag. To try it out, enable chrome:/flags/#tab-groups-save and restart your browser. Back in July, we learned that Chrome was working on a feature that would save tab groups. This feature allows you to save currently open tab groups for later use. The goal is to save you time and effort by removing the need to recreate tab groups that have become second nature to you.

Chrome 95 will be released on the stable channel for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS in the coming days/weeks.

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