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Clubhouse v1.0.7 on Android includes a number of new features as well as tools for club creators. The app’s “topics” were also renamed “titles.”

Changelog: The Clubhouse v1.0.7

✳️ Better tools to manage your clubs!

  • Club Admins can now delete club events that were scheduled by other Members. Just open the event from the club page, tap the three dots, and delete the event. Easy!
  • Club Members will no longer get notifications about every Member-created event. To cut down on unwanted notification, we’ll only send notifications to people who follow the event creator. Events created by a club Admin or Leader will be unaffected.
  • Club creators can delete their old clubs, right from the app. Just got to the settings menu on your club page!
  • Oh, and we renamed room “topics” to “titles” — to avoid confusion with the other kind of topics in Clubhouse (e.g., Physics, Traveling, Fashion, etc.). Hopefully that makes things clearer. 🙂

About Clubhouse

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By Tamil G