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Electric Vehicles (EVs): A closer look with Pros and Cons!

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Electric vehicles (EVs) have come a long way technically since their introduction, and they’re now more popular than ever. Electric vehicles are the most cutting-edge developments in the automobile industry, and they’re becoming better every year. However, like with any emerging technology, there are some sacrifices to consider in electric vehicles. Somesome drivers are still hesitant to switch from traditional gas/ fossil fuel-powered vehicles, owing to misconceptions that EVs still have the same flaws as they did in the past. So I’ve compiled a list of the most prevalent advantages and disadvantages when compared to standard fuel automobiles. 

Electric Vehicles – Pros:

Environmentally Friendly


When you drive an electric vehicle, you are driving a vehicle that emits zero emissions. With the effects of global warming growing by the day, you would be helping to ensure a cleaner environment for everyone, as well as a less contaminated world for future generations. EVs are also quiet, resulting in less noise pollution.

Electric vehicles are propelled by batteries and do not require the usage of a mechanical engine. Moreover, an electric car does not require any of the other mechanical components associated with an internal combustion engine. This eliminates the costs of spark plugs, oil filters, certain pumps, valves, and other engine components that can add up over time. A driver of an electric vehicle’s main concern would be battery maintenance.

Ideal for City Driving:

Stop-and-go driving is the norm for city dwellers. On the highway, gas-powered cars are more efficient, but electric vehicles excel in city driving. Having an electric car makes a lot of sense if you live in a city. Some shopping malls, offices, and stores give EVs priority parking, and in some areas, EVs are allowed to use the highway’s HOV or carpool lanes.

Save Money on Fuel:

It is less expensive to run a car on electricity than it is to run one on gasoline. The cost per mile of driving on electricity is significantly lower than that of driving on gasoline, and you can easily charge your vehicle at home without having to go to a fuel station. Free charging is also available at many workplaces and shopping centres if the car/bike manufacturer provides it.

Driving Dynamics: 

One of the less-publicized advantages of electric vehicles is their surprisingly enjoyable driving dynamics. EVs can be extremely quick passing and off the line thanks to instant torque, and acceleration can be exhilarating. Of course, driving with the accelerator slammed all the time will reduce your range, but the acceleration that EVs can provide is quick and exciting. In addition, many EVs have low-profile batteries that are sometimes bolted directly to the chassis, giving them a low center of gravity and a stiff chassis that aids handling. Many EVs also have a feature called “one-pedal driving,” which uses the car’s regenerative brakes to help slow it down and recharge its batteries.  You don’t always need to use the brake pedal when driving with one pedal — simply let off the accelerator and the car slows down quickly.

Electric Vehicles – Cons:

Infrastructure Barriers to Charging Stations:

One of the major issues that electric car owners face is the inability to charge their vehicles quickly in rural areas. Long road trips will be difficult to plan, and rural areas lack the same number of charging stations as cities. This is also a problem for city dwellers who don’t have access to at-home charging stations. Driving an electric car can be stressful due to a lack of easily accessible charging stations and the resulting range anxiety.

Range Issues

Every electric car has an estimated total driving range set by the manufacturer and the government, but achieving that figure in real-world driving conditions is notoriously difficult. The official range was achieved by an expert driver with a great deal of patience and in ideal conditions that aren’t representative of what drivers face in the real world. The weather, for example, has a significant impact on the driving range: in cold weather, the range can drop by up to 40%. For people who have to deal with cold winters, EVs may not be the best option. Furthermore, EVs perform better with a light touch – heavy-footed drivers will get significantly less range.

Even though Tesla’s Model S 100D offers the best-in-class 335 miles of total range, that figure still pales in comparison to the total range offered by a typical fuel four-cylinder vehicle on a full tank of gas, which averages around 370 miles. Apart from Tesla, the rest of the electric car segment has a range of 100 to 278 miles on a full charge, making driving an electric car for day-to-day activities intimidating and possibly problematic. The average commuter drives about 30 miles per day, so most people don’t require that much range.

Quite Pricey

Electric vehicles can be quite pricey, especially when compared to comparable gas vehicles. Despite the numerous government rebates and tax credit discounts available to consumers, the initial above-average asking price for an electric vehicle may be out of reach for the average buyer looking for a good deal. Some EVs depreciate rapidly, while others, such as Teslas, retain their value well.


Electric vehicles are unquestionably more environmentally friendly than hybrid cars.  Batteries are being designed to last for a long time.  Battery recycling will become economically feasible as hybrid cars become more common.

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