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‘Goldoson’ Android Malware Infects 60 Popular Apps with 100 Million Downloads on Google Play

Goldoson, a new Android malware, has infiltrated the Google Play Store and infected 60 legitimate apps with a total of 100 million downloads. The malware is considered to be malicious.
Infected Apps Pose a Threat, Warns Experts

'Goldoson' Android Malware Infects 60 Popular Apps with 100 Million Downloads on Google Play

Sixty apps have been found to contain the Goldoson component, a malicious software that was unknowingly added by developers as part of a third-party library. Malware has affected several popular apps, including L.POINT with L.PAY, Swipe Brick Breaker, Money Manager Expense & Budget, and GOM Player, among others.

Data Theft and Ad Fraud

McAfee’s research team has discovered a new malware called Goldoson that has the ability to collect information on the user’s GPS locations, installed apps, and WiFi and Bluetooth-connected devices. In breaking news, it has been reported that Goldoson has the ability to engage in ad fraud without the user’s knowledge. This means that the software can click on ads in the background, causing potential financial harm to advertisers.

A Closer Look at How Goldoson Operates

Goldoson library has been found to register the device and obtain its configuration from a remote server with an obfuscated domain when a user launches an app containing it. Goldoson malware has been found to contain a configuration that determines the specific data-stealing and ad-clicking functions it will execute on the compromised device, as well as the frequency of these actions.

In breaking news, a new report reveals that data collection functions are being activated every two days, sending a comprehensive list of installed apps, geographical location history, MAC addresses of devices connected over Bluetooth and WiFi, and other information to the C2 server. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story. In Android news, the extent of data collection is determined by the permissions given to the infected app during installation and the version of Android being used.

Danger Lurks as Google Takes Action

McAfee, a member of the Google App Defense Alliance, is working to ensure that Google Play remains free from malware and adware threats. Google has been notified by researchers about their discoveries, and the developers of the impacted applications have been notified as well.

Several apps were recently found to contain a malicious library, prompting developers to take action. Those who were quick to respond removed the harmful component, while others who failed to comply with Google Play’s policies had their apps removed from the store.

Latest available update can reduce the risk for users who installed an impacted app from Google Play. The presence of Goldoson on third-party Android app stores increases the likelihood of the malicious library still being present.

In recent news, experts warn that common signs of adware and malware infection may include a device heating up, battery draining quickly, and unusually high internet data usage even when the device is not in use. It is important for users to be aware of these signs and take necessary precautions to protect their devices from potential threats.

“Staying alert and protecting your device” is a crucial message that technology experts are emphasizing to the public. With the increasing reliance on technology, it is important to be vigilant and take measures to safeguard personal devices from potential threats.

Warning: Signs of Adware and Malware Infection Revealed – Devices Overheating, Batteries Draining Quickly, and High Data Usage Detected

Staying vigilant is crucial to keep your Android device safe from Goldoson and other malware, according to experts. In breaking news, experts are advising smartphone users to only download apps from reputable sources like Google Play. It is strongly recommended to avoid third-party app stores to ensure the safety and security of personal information.

In today’s digital age, it is crucial to keep your device up-to-date with the latest security patches and app updates. Experts recommend using a reputable mobile security app to scan for potential threats and ensure your device is protected.

In today’s news, experts are reminding mobile users that it’s always better to prioritize safety over convenience. Protecting personal data is crucial to avoid any potential complications and ensure a smooth mobile experience.

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