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Google adds new ‘CHRE’ to Android to improve Fast Pair


Google is enhancing Fast Pair on the OnePlus 11 with the Context Hub Runtime Environment (CHRE) in Android, making device connections faster while conserving battery.

According to Google, CHRE is a technology that can improve device connections and provide performance benefits, with the potential to improve connections between all devices.

CHRE (Context Hub Runtime Environment)

The OnePlus 11 smartphone is one of the new Android handsets that OnePlus has unveiled and which includes CHRE technology integrated into Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors. By offloading tasks, CHRE, an open-source technology, can give Android phones comparable advantages.

Workings of CHRE technology

Similar to the human brain, smartphones have several processors that work together to complete tasks. All programmes are managed by the primary processor, also known as the applications processor, although it uses a lot of battery life. An open-source technique called CHRE enables Android phones to efficiently do simple tasks on lesser processors, preserving battery life.

CHRE and Android’s Fast Pair

With CHRE, users will notice increased responsiveness with Fast Pair

Android phones can use Fast Pair to quickly find and pair nearby Bluetooth devices with just one tap. Fast Pair is improved on the new OnePlus 11, becoming more responsive and effective thanks to the use of CHRE.

While the main processor is sleeping, CHRE prepares data for it so that it is ready when needed. This enhances the user experience while connecting devices and works in conjunction with Snapdragon’s low-power, low-latency characteristics.

How CHRE might increase its advantages

Following the acquisition of OnePlus, Google anticipates seeing additional partners embrace CHRE support. It is anticipated that the technology would improve other Android capabilities like Nearby Share, enabling faster and more responsive file sharing with friends from your phone.

Google explained the new technology as follows:

We outlined how Android is built to help your devices work better together. With CHRE technology, Android is making it simple and easy to use multiple devices, while keeping your battery in mind.

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