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Google Authenticator gets a new feature, ”Google Account Synchronisation”

Google Authenticator

Google has updated Google Authenticator with a new feature that makes it possible to sync Google accounts with both iOS and Android devices.

Users may now safely backup their one-time codes, commonly known as one-time passwords or OTPs, to their Google Account thanks to this new functionality.

Automatic Protections and Built-in Tools for Authentication from Google

Google’s built-in authentication tools, such as Google Password Manager and Sign in with Google, have made logging into Google and other apps and services more safe and simple. The firm offers automatic protections as well, such as warnings when someone logs into your Google Account from a new device.

Although Google is striving towards a world without passwords, authentication codes are still a crucial part of online safety. In order to improve the functionality of the Google Authenticator app, Google has continued to make improvements. In a recent upgrade, Google combined its Password Manager apps and websites.

Many customers find it difficult to cope with lost or stolen devices that had Google Authenticator installed, according to user feedback on Google Authenticator since its debut in 2010. One-time codes in Authenticator could only be kept on a single device, so losing that device prevented users from logging into any services that had 2FA enabled and used Authenticator.

The Advantages of Google Account Synchronisation

Users are now able to securely save their one-time codes in their Google Accounts thanks to the new Google Account synchronisation feature. One-time codes are strengthened by this upgrade, preventing users from being locked out and enhancing ease and security.

Google’s Various Secure Authentication Options

In partnership with business partners and the FIDO Alliance, Google offers a variety of secure authentication methods, such as Google Password Manager, Sign in with Google, and passkeys. When logging into websites and apps, users can choose from these choices with ease and security in mind.


Simply update the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store, then follow the on-screen instructions to enjoy the new Google Authenticator with Google Account synchronisation.

Commenting on the announcement, Christiaan Brand, Group Product Manager, said:

We want everyone to benefit from and be safe from our technology. We do this by developing and disseminating online solutions that are user-friendly and safe for both developers and end users.

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