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Google Drive gets better controls and visuals for moving files with the latest update

Google Drive

Google introduces a new way to find a place for your files and folders with the new Google Drive location picker. This feature shows you smart suggestions when you want to move or link to items in Drive. Need more room in Google Drive – Follow these tips to expand it.

Google has updated the location picker in Google Drive. The new location picker lets you see and choose more easily and gives you smart suggestions when you move or link to items in Drive.

Here are the key changes: Google Drive’s Location Picker

New tabs: There are now three tabs at the top of the location picker: “Suggested,” “Starred,” and “All locations.”
More details: The new location picker displays more details about the selected folder paths, including an option to create a new folder and an image notification if you’re moving something into an empty folder.
Suggested locations: The new location picker suggests locations that you might want to move your files to. You can reject a suggestion, which immediately removes it from the list.
Inline button: The new location picker has a button right there that you can press to move a file quickly.
Error messages: The new location picker displays error messages when files can’t be moved, making it clearer to users why they are experiencing certain behaviors with the platform.

Overall, the new location picker is a significant improvement over the old one. It makes it easier to move files around and provides more helpful information.

Availability and roll out

Google has started rolling out the new Google Drive file picker change to the users. For those who are on Scheduled Release Domains, Google will start rolling out the change in a few weeks, from April 26th. The change will be accessible for all the users of Google Drive by the middle of May. To learn more about the update – Visit here.

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