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Google Now Launcher will be discontinued after ten years

Google Now Launcher

The Google Now Launcher will be completely discontinued in ten years. Users are being warned that the Now Launcher will be shut down by the end of April, according to a message that was recently discovered during a teardown of the most recent beta version of the Google app by 9to5Google.

Google Now Launcher will no longer be available in April

When Google Now was announced in 2012, it wasn’t just a straightforward launcher; it also included functionality that was built into other products. With a simple UI that reflects Google’s design and easy access to Google Now cards, the Google Now Launcher (GNL), formerly known as the Google Experience Launcher (GEL), was made available to Android 4.1+ smartphones in 2014 via the Play Store.

The Pixel Launcher replaced GNL as the primary launcher for Google’s smartphones in 2017 after Google announced that GNL’s primary functionality would be available to OEM launchers. As a result, GNL received fewer updates. According to the most recent beta of the Google app, Google Now Launcher, which was powered by the Google app, will cease to function in April. (14.14).

This move won’t have much of an effect because devices that still use the launcher are probably not used as daily drivers. It’s recommended to hold off on updating the Google app if you want to keep the launcher in perpetuity because it won’t add many new features.

The Google app might get a little bit smaller after GNL is removed. The final devices with the launcher and Now on Tap were the Nexus 5X and 6P. In 2018, Google stopped supporting such devices, marking the end of the Google Now trial.

Also, the launcher is going to stop working in a few weeks; however, the exact date is uncertain.


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