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Google Photos unveils a new AI-powered Magic Editor tool

Google Photos

Google Photos gets a new AI-powered Magic Editor tool. Google unveiled Magic Editor, a cutting-edge editing tool that uses generative AI to help you modify your photographs and streamline your editing process, during its I/O event.

AI-powered Magic Editor in Google Photos

The goal of the brand-new Magic Editor editing project is to make photo editing easier for everyone. This programme makes sophisticated edits without the need for expert editing abilities by combining a number of cutting-edge AI techniques, such as generative AI.

You may now use Magic Editor to change particular elements of a photograph, such as the subject, sky, or backdrop, to get the desired appearance and feel.

Using Magic Editor, improve your composition in Google Photos

One of Magic Editor’s primary benefits is that it may assist you in improving the composition of your shot. You can ensure proper framing by adjusting the subject of your shot.

For example, if you have a snapshot of a popular waterfall, you can eliminate distracting things or modify the brightness of the sky to match your memories of the day. To get the perfect shot, you can also move and resize your subject.

Using generative AI, fill in the gaps

You can use the Magic Editor to create new content to fill in the gaps after repositioning your subject.

For instance, if you have a picture of a boy’s birthday, you may use generative AI to add extra benches and balloons to fill in the missing parts. Your image will have a more polished and finished appearance thanks to the new parts’ seamless integration.


A few Pixel phones will have early access to Magic Editor later this year, according to Google. It also mentioned that user input will be a key factor in improving it over time, so you can obtain the best edits for your photos.

Commenting on the announcement, Shimrit Ben-Yair, Vice President, Google Photos & Google One, said:

AI has made photo editing simpler and more enjoyable, enabling you to enhance your memories and express your creativity. Every month, each Google Photos user edits 1.7 billion images. We anticipate that Magic Editor will improve the editing process, and we can’t wait to see how you enhance and personalise your photographs.

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