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Google Stadia will be shut down in three months: Here’s all you need to know


In three months, Google Stadia, one of the most promising online game streaming services that Google developed and runs, will come to an end. Google’s announcement says that the streaming service for games will start on January 18, 2023.

Buyers of Google Stadia will receive a refund.

Don’t worry just yet if you previously bought the Google Stadia Controller, online games, or any add-ons through the Stadia platform. You will get every last bit of your investment back; it won’t be wasted. Along with the statement, Google also said that everyone who bought Stadia and any associated games will get a refund.

We’ll get started on the refund procedure as soon as we can. considering that Google plans to issue the final refund by mid-January 2023. Google has made the decision to use the technology behind Google Stadia in other applications, including YouTube, Google Services, and others. Additionally, Google stated that the closure of Google Stadia did not result in employment losses for anyone who worked in this division. Employees that worked on Google Stadia will apply their expertise to other departments of the business.

How Google Stadia failed

since the platform for streaming video games went live in 2019. The platform’s future has been questioned by many because of Google’s own operating system. Google is the kind of business that wants everything it touches to succeed as quickly as possible. If events do not proceed in that manner, they stop immediately and turn their focus elsewhere. The cost is the second element that raises concerns. The service received harsh criticism for its pricey games. Many people are unwilling to spend a lot of money on something they cannot physically possess.

A few months ago, it was announced that Google Stadia would be discontinued. Google, however, publicly refuted the news. stating that they have never had any intention of ending the service. However, here we are receiving refunds for something in which we had placed a lot of hope.

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