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A couple of days ago, Huawei officially launched the Harmony OS 2.0 beta for smartphones. This new Harmony system is already available for a number of Huawei phones. According to rumors, the Harmony OS will be available to all Huawei phones by next year. As of now, developers of the Huawei P40 or Mate 30 series can apply to participate in the testing.

At the press conference, Huawei demonstrated a smartphone with Harmony OS. The demo shows the functionality of the Harmony OS. Looking at how the phone works in the demo, it’s not much different from the EMUI based on Android. It’s technically the same in terms of operation and interface design. However, Huawei’s on-site workers have recently argued that the demo demonstrates only the distributed capabilities of the system. According to the workers, the official edition definitely has a new interface design for cell phones.

According to developers and media houses that witnessed the release of HarmonyOS 2.0 beta, the device isn’t much different from Android. Technical experts agree that Harmony OS feels like an offshoot of Android.

According to Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei’s Consumer Business Software, “In the last five years or so, the Huawei software team has essentially replaced the most basic parts of the Android system… from the low-level driver to the hardware abstraction layer, to the programming framework, and so on. We’ve changed everything that can be changed.” In addition, Wang Chenglu has repeatedly pointed out that Harmony OS was born not to replace Android. It’s here, however, to contend with and outperform Android. It aims to be a new generation IoT-era operating system.

  • Brand new cell phone UI controls, introducing 50+ UI controls to build mobile HarmonyOS apps. It also unifies the experience of many devices communicating with the UI.
  • The architecture for the HarmonyOS application supports mobile phones and rapid migration. It also encourages fast connection and circulation. There is no installation loading of HarmonyOS applications on different computers.
  • Provides Windows and Mac platform development and toolchain build experience. This is also useful for developers to develop HarmonyOS applications quickly.
  • Provides 40+ Web Developer Sample Codes. This is useful for developers to easily understand and adapt HarmonyOS interfaces and development methods.
  • Distributed capability interfaces such as multimodal vision enable multiple use scenarios.
  • It also provides a standard input process system and capabilities
  • Provide uniform interface capabilities for the telephone system.
  • It also uses a barrier-free software platform
  • Provides structured collaborative data management capabilities. Developers may also call standardized distributed DB interfaces for real-time data synchronization between devices.
  • Enhance the features of the account system. It also includes account less devices on the HarmonyOS framework.

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