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HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 Long Term Review. Still Worth in 2021?

Previously we posted a long term review of FreeBuds 3i and the response was marvelous. Now let’s do a long term review of its bigger brother HUAWEI FreeBuds 3. Is there any quality issues even after an year? Let’s check it out.
If you’re looking for a pair of Truely wireless headsets that are great for phone calls, and music then the Huawei FreeBuds 3 is worth considering. Before starting let me give you a short intro about these earbuds. It received the Best IFA 2019 Awards from Global Media. These are the world’s first truly wireless earbuds to support Bluetooth 5.1, also  it  has the active noise cancellation. Huawei says These earbuds are a direct competitor to the Apple AirPods pro.
1) In Box Contents: 




Box contains: 

☑️ TWS Earphones with Charging Case
☑️ USB Type-C cable
☑️ Extra Ear Tips of various sizes
☑️ User manual
☑️ Warrenty card
2) Pretty Design! Solid Build!


It comes in a round black case. We have got the black freebuds it’s also available in white and red colors.


The symmetrically round charging case is a feast for the eyes and lightweight for carrying or keeping in your pocket, bag or anywhere. Huawei calls this earphone as Dolphin Bionic Design.


Its more comfortable to wear and also stable. That’s a good thing but everyone’s ears is not same so I wish if they could have provided some rubber tips so it would not fall.
It’s been almost an year with freebuds 3 for me to be precise I didn’t notice any lack in build quality of neither the case nor the buds. Kudos to Huawei design team. To protect these, you can buy some fancy cases that are available in the market.
3) Blutooth and Connectivity:


 image credit: Huawei


Freebuds 3  is powered by Huawei’s Inhouse chip Kirin A1. Huawei claims that it is equipped with the world’s 1st certified BT/BLE dual-mode Bluetooth 5.1 SoC, HUAWEI Isochronous Dual Channel transmission technology and a class-leading 356 MHz audio processor which helps to delivers a stable, fast Bluetooth connection, as well as an accurate audio and video synchronization.
Connecting the device with a phone is simple. Just press the little button on the side for couple of seconds and open the lids to pair. For Huawei phones with EMUI 10 or later it will pop up automatically on the home screen then just  press ‘connect’  and it’s done. Now click the setup and it will take you to the paired device settings. Were you can tweak more as per your needs. If you are having non-Huawei device then you can pair it up by the Bluetooth settings on your mobile. Huawei has made a dedicated app called the ‘AI Life’ where you can connect and customize the earphones in  that.
4) Sound Quality:
So now the important question. How do they sound? How good the noise cancellation works? This is the part where it really surprised me, the sound quality is superb. A complex bass tubes cleverly tucked in each earpiece’s powers. Louder, stronger, tighter and punchier. It’s beyond my expectations. Highs and lows of the music has been brilliantly managed by it and the bass was decent. Also you can adjust the noise cancellation level on ‘Al Life’ app.


Though the Air pods have a better bass these are having the perfect mix. With    Active noise cancellation it gives a high level of immersive sound experience. Even though the Air pods pro has the noise cancelation but are not immersive as the Huawei freebuds 3. But do let me know in the comments below your experience with the freebuds 3.
I didn’t find much of the latency issues while playing games. Also call quality is good. You get the highest audio data transfer up to 2.3 Mbps.
Huawei implemented has implemented a new technology called the ‘Aerodynamic Mic Duct’ which is designed to reduce the noise around you also it uses the bone sensors captures some vibrations from the bones and enhance our voice during calls.
You get the highest audio data transfer up to 2.3 Mbps.
5) Functionalities:
By default, double-taping on the right earbud will skip to the next song and double-tapping on the left will activate or deactivate active noise cancellation. You can disable gestures or alternatively you can remap this double-click gestures using ‘AI Life’ Application.  The touch sensitivity is responsive.


While listening to the music if you remove one bud out of the ear the music stops automatically which is really helpful and innovative. The music will playback once you wear it back.
You can manage the updates of Freebuds 3 on Al life application.


6) Battery life: 
Each earbud has a 30 mAh battery and the charging case has a 410 mAh battery which supports wireless charging. It takes About 1 hour for the charging case and About 1 hour for the earbuds in the charging case.


Company says We get 4 hr. of playback in a single charge and around 20 hr. of playback together with charging case. As per my experience its almost close to what they promise.
7) Conclusion:
Overall, I am impressed with the freebuds 3. With the price tag it offers it has better sound quality, noise cancelation, fast charging a decent design. It’s really a good deal against the Apple air pods pro.
Talking about the drawback I wish they had also included the options for volume control.
That’s it from me. I hope this long-term review helps you to take correct decision. To stay updated with our daily blogs just join our official telegram channel.
Incase you got any more doubts then do check out this video. We have done a comparison with the Airpods pro and some other TWS


Do also watch our full review here

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