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HUAWEI WATCH Buds packs with built-in earbuds Teased: All new Design, Launch date and more


HUAWEI confirmed the existence of the HUAWEI Watch Buds on Weibo, along with a teaser video. The video clip below shows the dial being opened to reveal a storage compartment for true wireless earbuds.

The Watch Buds are, as their name suggests, a hybrid of a smartwatch and headphones. The Watch Buds appear to be based on the design of the Watch GT 3 series, with a slim frame, digital crown, and softly curved display.

HUAWEI has hinted at a one-of-a-kind software interaction between the smartwatch and its headphones, leading us to believe the Watch Buds will also run an adapted version of HarmonyOS 3.

In any case, it appears to be a clever way to transport and store your true wireless earphones. Athletes like runners and riders, as well as anyone without pockets, could benefit from this. HUAWEI recently unveiled the Watch GT Cyber, which features a detachable design.

QSQ Technology’s YouTube channel posted a hands-on video with the new smartwatch, indicating that the dial can be opened to reveal a space for headphones. However, given the size of these earbuds, we wouldn’t be surprised if their battery life suffered. But in the holes, we can see what look like charging contacts, which shows that the watch can also charge the headphones.

For the time being, very little is known about this new product. Furthermore, HUAWEI planned to release the Watch Buds on December 2, the same day as the Xiaomi Watch S2. The death of former CCP General Secretary Jiang Zemin has resulted in a major cancellation of all other brands’ product announcements in China over the next few days.

Richard Yu, Executive Director of Huawei and CEO of the company’s Terminal BG, talks about the announcement on Weibo and the upcoming Huawei Watch Buds as a 

Revolutionary breakthrough in the shape and structural design of wearable products, allowing everyone to enjoy an unprecedented convenient experience.

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