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Infinix revealed 180W Thunder Charge Technology, to be featured on the company’s next flagship phone

Infinix has unveiled the lightning-quick 180W Thunder Charge Technology, which will be offered on several other firms’ flagship devices that will be unveiled in the second half of this year. In just 4 minutes, the 4500mAh battery can reach 50% of its maximum charge. 

Infinix 180W Thunder Charge Technology

The 180W Thunder Charge uses batteries that charge at a rate of 8C instead of the 1 to 3C used by conventional smartphones with fast charging, mitigating the chance of overheating. The 8C battery cell, the market’s fastest-charging lithium battery, was created by Infinix in partnership with the world’s top battery producers. Due to the multi-electrode lug on the 8C cell, internal resistance is reduced by more than 50%, and consequently, heat generation is reduced. The 180W Thunder Charge also uses two 8C-rated batteries that are connected in series. This reduces heat and extends the life of each battery up to its 90W maximum.

Infinix’s Safer way to charge

To protect phones, chargers, and charging cords, the 180W Thunder Charge has 111 software and hardware security measures. When something strange happens, like a high temperature, a surge in voltage, or electromagnetic interference, the security protection is turned on to protect the phone’s system.

Ten temperature sensors are part of the 180W Thunder Charge and are located on the battery, in charging chips, USB ports, and other places. An algorithm for controlling temperature controls the charge in real-time. Keeping the thermal oil below 43 °C protects the phone’s battery from damage while it is being charged.

An Infinix Unique Encryption Chip is built inside the 180W Thunder Charging Cord for quick charging. The 180W Thunder Charge can recognize the energy capacity of a cable and adjust as necessary. The sensor measures cables without Infinix’s own encryption chip and limits power to 60W or 100W to keep a safe recharge.

Compact and powerful

The 180W Thunder Charge can withstand temperatures higher than 40°C because of the novel semiconductor material GaN. The charger adapter offers users maximum versatility with a one-cable-fits-all solution and therefore can conduct 100W fast charging for the majority of electronics, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. It is interoperable with numerous fast charging protocols. With a variety of cables, customers can charge Infinix devices up to 100W. The 180W Thunder Charge offers Furious and Standard modes. With just a click of the finger, 180W of rapid charging is available in furious mode for compatible devices.

Utilizing 180W Thunder Charge, Infinix smartphones offer users lightning-quick and intelligent charging options. One of the most cutting-edge charging systems ever created is Infinix’s 180W Thunder Charge, which will be available on mid-range smartphones later this year.

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