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iPhone 13 outperforms the iPhone 12 Pro In DxOMark camera testing

The iPhone 13 series was finally ready for purchase, and enthusiastic purchasers were eager to learn more about the cameras. If Apple’s statement is to be believed, the iPhone 13 cameras are incredible. But, if you need further proof, DxOMark has been testing the cameras of the entire iPhone 13 series recently. It was recently discovered that the iPhone 13 Pro outperforms the iPhone 12 Pro in terms of camera performance. DxOMark has now concluded that the iPhone 13 cameras are superior to the iPhone 12 Pro cameras.

DxOMark gave the iPhone 13 a photography score of 138 in its camera assessment, which is 1 point more than the iPhone 12 Pro received last year. According to DxOMark’s tests, the iPhone 13 cameras are superior to those of the iPhone 12 Pro. However, because the difference isn’t significant, users of the iPhone 12 Pro shouldn’t be concerned. Your iPhone 12 Pro is still a terrific phone that, for the time being, you don’t need to replace with an iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 received a video score of 117 from DxOMark, which is also higher than the iPhone 12 Pro’s, but there isn’t much of a difference here. Only the iPhone 13 features Cinematic Mode, whereas both phones support Dolby Vision.

In its assessment, DxOMark stated, “The new primary module employs the same size sensor as last year’s top-of-the-line iPhone 12 Pro Max, and there is now Dual-Pixel autofocus instead of PDAF.” The iPhone 13 offers the major advantage over the iPhone 12 Pro from last year in that it uses Dual-Pixel autofocus instead of PDAF, which significantly improves photographs. Despite being significantly less expensive, the iPhone 13 gets an advantage over the iPhone 12 Pro thanks to sensor-shift stabilization.

The iPhone 13 cameras were complimented by DxOMark for their accurate color reproduction and white balance in photographs. The skin tones are pleasant in most light settings, and the autofocus is fast, dependable, and repeatable. The autofocus on videos is also smooth, making video production a pleasure. The company also verified that the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini use the same camera module, ensuring that you get the same picture quality even if you choose the smaller iPhone, which costs Rs 10,000 less. The iPhone 13 mini was recently ranked higher than the iPhone 12 Pro Max by DxOMark.

Despite the compliments, DxOMark has a complaint. This is due to the lack of a telephoto lens, which limits the cameras’ capacity to zoom in medium to long distances. The iPhone 13 offers a 2X optical zoom and a 5X digital zoom, which is not comparable to other phones in this price range. And that’s why DxOMark only gave it a 55-point zoom rating. The videos in low light, according to DxOMark, should have been better. Noise is present in videos shot in low light, which is not optimal for some users. High-contrast scenes aren’t always well received by the sensors.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini tied for tenth place in the global smartphone rankings with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, this is merely a method of determining how good the new iPhone’s cameras are. Keep in mind that DxOMark’s methodology for conducting these tests, as well as their reliability, are debatable because there is no one-size-fits-all technique for evaluating a camera’s quality and assigning a score, especially when there is no set scale for these results. There are phones with scores of above 100, so who knows what the upper limit is?

Meanwhile was outlined to the iPhone 13 Series because of the sensor-shift technology, a new image/video stabilizing technology used on iPhone 13 Series which was previously used only on iPhone 12 Pro Max So what is it, check the below video to know more.

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