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Baybot Wet & Dry PetFeeder launched in India! Features and Price Details

Baybot, a Mumbai-based manufacturer of convenience electronics, has announced the official launch of yet another pet food item. No matter how many pets you have, feeding them is just as important as feeding any member of your family. You can now spoil your beloved pets with the choice of their preferred wet or dry meal or liquids of their choice, such as milk, water, etc., thanks to the new Baybot PetFeeder.

Baybot Wet & Dry PetFeeder Features:

The new Bluetooth-enabled smart pet feeder is fully automatic, can be managed and scheduled using a straightforward smartphone app, and connects to your mobile device via bluetooth. When you are at home, you can connect via Bluetooth to control it, or you can control it remotely when you are away by setting a schedule in the app.

Keep your pets happy by using Baybot’s Wet & Dry PetFeeder to automatically feed them both wet and dry food (as well as liquids like milk, water, supplements, etc.). This clever app-controlled two-meal pet feeder makes sure that your pet(s) are fed on time, every day, whether you are home or away. According to your pet’s schedule, the new PetFeeder will automatically dispense the right amount of wet or dry food.

The PetFeeder can hold two meals for a single pet with two 355 ml (4.23 oz) food-safe bowls and two completely airtight covering lids. The bowls have an airtight lid to keep the food fresh, and they also have the ability to use the icepacks that come with the feeder to keep the food at a cold temperature. Automatic doors and lids that can be programmed through an app to serve meals at specific times are used to dispense food.

To prevent accidents during their playtime and prevent dirt and dust from contaminating the food, the food bowls are separate, big enough, and completely covered. Cleaning and maintaining the PetFeeder is very easy because the bowls and ice packs are very simple to remove. Last but not least, the PetFeeder has anti-slip rubber pads on the bottom to keep it from moving around while your pet is feeding.

Four AA batteries that come with the feeder are used to power the Baybot PetFeeder. This eliminates your concern in the event of an external power outage because your pets won’t go without food until the power is restored or you return home. Additionally, the PetFeeder has touch buttons and an LCD display for quick manual operation.

Baybot Wet & Dry PetFeeder Functions: 

  • Wet & Dry Food
  • Mobile App Control
  • Food stays fresh with Ice Packs
  • Portion & Nutrition on Time – Feeding plan for 2 meals can be set. Pets will be fed automatically on the set time.
  • Capacity per compartment / bowl is 355 ml (about 4.23 oz)
  • Extended Battery Life with tweaked stand by low energy
  • It can be kept anywhere. No power sockets, no cords. No risk of electric shock
  • Double lock technology – the lid latches tight leaving no gaps. Effectively insulating the air to prevent oxidation
  • Made of food class PP – Non-Toxic & Tasteless. BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe bowls
  • LCD Screen with timer
  • Manual Control
  • Paw Protection Design
  • Surface Grip with Anti-Skid Pads
  • Click Feeding
  • Separable Design – Cleaning Made easy
Baybot Wet & Dry PetFeeder Pricing and Availability:

The Baybot Wet & Dry PetFeeder will be available on Baybot.in and Flipkart.com for Rs 8,999, with a 12-month warranty. For a limited time, it will be available at an introductory launch price of Rs 6,749 (@25 percent discount).

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