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ColorOS 12 is Here! When will your Oppo phone get this update? Check it out

ColorOS 12

Obeying the official release of Android 12, smartphone manufacturers are preparing to issue upgrades for their custom Android skins that are based on Android 12. Realme, for example, will release its Realme UI 3.0 on October 13th. Others, such as Samsung, OnePlus, and Xiaomi, are focusing on their Android 12 beta programmes right now. OPPO has finally released ColorOS 12 based on Android 12 in the global market. The latest update includes a slew of cosmetic enhancements and builds on Android 12’s privacy features. We’ll look at some of ColorOS 12’s biggest features, as well as its release date and a list of compatible devices, in this post.

ColorOS 12 Features:

Inclusive Design:

Starting with the user interface, you’ll notice a number of differences from ColorOS 11. The most recent update features a cleaner, uncluttered user interface with more white space between content. OPPO claims to have collaborated with linguistic specialists to ensure that the UI text is authentic. Over 13 Indian languages are supported by ColorOS 12. OPPO has also invested heavily in animations. The animations in the update are true to life thanks to Animation Engine 3.0. Transitions have also seen improvements.

New translucent app icons are available in ColorOS 12. For the sharpest-ever interface design, tasteful light and shadow elements combine to create depth and a sense of space. Each design is inspired by reality to ensure that the apps are easily recognisable.

PC Connect: Cross Screen Collaboration!

PC Connect allows you to connect your phone to your computer wirelessly or by scanning a QR code. This allows you to use your PC to open, edit, copy, and paste files on your mobile phone. Files can even be dragged from a PC to a smartphone and back. Notifications received on your phone will be shown in real time on your computer. You can also watch a video from your phone on your PC, which supports resolutions up to 1440p.

Android 12 Privacy Controls

The new Color OS will, of course, have Android 12’s privacy features. If an app uses sensitive permissions such as the camera, microphone, or location, you’ll see privacy indicators in the status bar. Instead of giving your exact location, you can transmit an approximate location to the app. A privacy dashboard, on the other hand, keeps track of the rights granted to apps. When sharing photographs or videos, you’ll be able to hide sensitive details like data, location, and so on. ColorOS 12 additionally improves the anti-peeping notification mechanism. In this case, the phone identifies whether the owner is looking at the notification content. The material will not be seen if this is not the case.

Omoji, Customized AOD & Wallpaper based theming:

Thanks to sophisticated Facial Capture Algorithms that recognize and track 77 different facial points in real-time, the new Omoji enables expressing the real you enjoyable and fresh. They’re then compared to 50 base expressions created utilizing advanced modeling and rendering techniques. With over 200 fashion items and expressions, you may make your own Omoji. According to OPPO, everything is completed in 10 milliseconds.

Deep customization is available with the Customizable Always-on Display. As part of the Display, you can create personalised Omoji. When you check the Always-on Display, you’ll see up to 20 personalised Omojis and three sets of expressive motions.

One of the most important aspects of Android 12 is wallpaper-based theming, which is now available in ColorOS 12. The color of the settings and other menus changes based on the wallpaper color with this function. With the latest update, OPPO will use an algorithm to choose the wallpaper color.

Other Interesting Features:

The battery dashboard has been updated to show how much power has been utilized in detail. There are also more power-saving choices, such as turning off edge lighting, background activities, and blocking notifications from waking up, among others.

Color OS’s smart sidebar is also receiving a makeover. It now includes additional features including three-finger screenshots, Screen Translate, and Background Stream. When you utilize the new Screen Translate option from the sidebar, it will translate all of the text on the screen. Even when the screen is locked, the new Background Stream function in the Sidebar allows you to play a movie in the background.

Clone Phone 2.0 now allows you to clone your data with just one QR code rather than two, making the migration procedure much simpler. With a short peek at the data transfer animation, you can also check how far the transfer has progressed. The Phone Manager now allows you to handle all aspects of your system, not only storage and antivirus.

ColorOS 12 Update Rollout Timeline & Supported devices:

OPPO will begin rolling out ColorOS 12 based on Android 12 on October 11th. Starting in November, the beta update will be available for the OPPO Find X3 Pro 5G and other devices. The following is Oppo’s global release schedule for ColorOS 12 –

Today (Oct 11):
OPPO Find X3 Pro 5G

November 2021:
OPPO Find X2
OPPO Find X2 Pro
OPPO Find X2 Pro Automobile Lamborghini Edition
OPPO Reno6 Pro 5G
OPPO Reno6 Pro Diwali Edition
OPPO Reno6 5G
December 2021
OPPO Reno6
OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G
OPPO Reno5 Pro
OPPO Reno5
OPPO Reno5 Marvel Edition
OPPO Reno6 Z 5G
OPPO F19 Pro+

2022 First Half:
OPPO Find X3 Lite 5G
OPPO Find X3 Neo 5G
OPPO Find X2 Neo
OPPO Find X2 Lite
OPPO Reno1Ox Zoom
OPPO Reno5 5G
OPPO Reno5 F
OPPO Reno5 Lite
OPPO Reno5 Z 5G
OPPO Reno4 Pro 5G
OPPO Reno4 5G
OPPO Reno4 F
OPPO Reno4 Lite
OPPO Reno4 Z 5G
OPPO Reno4 Pro
OPPO Reno4
OPPO Reno4 Mo Salah Edition
OPPO Reno3 Pro 5G
OPPO Reno3 Pro
OPPO Reno3
OPPO Reno5 A
OPPO F19 Pro
OPPO F17 Pro
OPPO A94, A93
OPPO A54 54
OPPO A53s 5G

H2, 2022:

How to install ColorOS 12 beta version:

  • Settings > Software Update > Top right corner icon > Trial version > Beta Version > Fill in your information > Apply now
  • Software update > Download Now

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