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FIFINE ‘A6V’ & ‘K651’ : first-ever RGB Microphones Launched in India

With more than 10 years of experience and a dedicated R&D and QC team, FIFINE Microphones is proud to introduce its first RGB USB microphones, the A6V and the K651, in India. These microphones are made with bright and smart RGB LEDs to match computer setups that light up. They also have quick-access gain knobs, mounts, and pop filters to help you improve your live-streaming skills for work or play. Whether you’re recording professionally in a studio or just messing around on Instagram and YouTube, the new RGB mics are made to handle your audio recording needs with professional studio quality. Since 2019, Origin Marketing has been marketing FIFINE Microphones in India. Their goal is to bring the best FIFINE technology to India and change the recording and streaming industries. In just two years, FIFINE Technology and Origin have become two of the most well-known names in the Microphone Industry.

Features of the FIFINE A6V USB Condenser Microphone:

  • Gradient RGB and Quick Mute: With bicolored lighting, RGB changes seven color modes on its own in a gradient way. It adds a carnival feel with computer setups that light up, putting you in the middle of a tough game.
  • Quick Mute: The Quick Mute button at the top is easy to use, so you can quickly turn off your mic even if you are focused on the game. When the mic is muted, the RGB LED turns off to show that it is working and to keep your streaming from going wrong because you forgot to mute or unmute the mic.
  • Enjoy a clear voice: Designed for microphone gamers, the built-in microphone capsule gives you a clear, full sound that makes it feel like your whole team is playing next to you. The cardioid condenser microphone picks up sounds from the front with great sensitivity, so your friends can hear you clearly whether you play on a PS5 or a PC.
  • Easy to use: The Gain Knob is at the bottom and is easy to get to. If game sounds make it hard for you to talk, you can change the volume of your microphone right away. You won’t have to shout to your teammates or lower your voice anymore. The shock mount also has a thumbscrew that lets you tilt the mic to get the best angle for streaming. Get in a good position to talk when you are playing games or streaming.
  • The plug-and-play PC gaming microphone works with PS4/4Pro/5 desktops and laptops and is easy to set up. You can quickly join the game chat by plugging the cable into the microphone’s Type-C socket. The detachable USB cable is 6.6 feet long and can reach from the back of the computer host all the way to the mic body. No more chat will get in the way of high-stress games.
  • Accessories You Can Use – Rubber elastic bands hold the microphone tightly to the shock mount. This cuts down on vibration noises caused by slamming the keyboard or clicking the mouse too hard. The tightly clipped, detachable pop filter on the shock mount gets rid of even the smallest pop sounds that happen when gaming gets really exciting. The rubber feet on the tripod stand keep the microphone from moving when the table shakes.

Features of the FIFINE K651 USB Gaming and Recording Vocal Streaming Microphone Set:

  • Rich, Distortion-Free Audio: A dynamic mic with a custom frequency response gives a rich, pleasant sound with low background noise. It has an internal pop filter that lets you use it close up without getting annoying pops. This makes it great for voiceovers, home studio recording, gaming, and podcasting, and it will save you time filtering and editing after the fact.
  • Easy, instant mute: The mic has a capacitive sensor that lets you mute it with one tap (shown by two smiling red LEDs). This means you don’t have to rely on software mute or third-party apps. The mute button is sensitive enough to stop vibrations and noises from getting in the way while recording.
  • Easy to connect: The USB connection is easy to set up and doesn’t require any extra power or equipment. The mic’s Type-C connection port allows for stable and smooth transmission, and the USB-A/USB-C output is plug-and-play and works with PC, PS4, and Mac without an adapter. (Note: It does not work with XBOX or cell phones.)
  • Ergonomic Mounting: The microphone has a shock mount that can help reduce the sound of any movement while recording. The shock mount’s thumb screw makes it easy to change the angle of the mic. The flexible arm mount that comes with the camera makes it easy to find the best position for different situations.
  • Comes with everything you need: The mic is made of strong metal, so you can use it in a home studio or on the road. The podcasting pack also comes with a shock mount, boom arm, desk clamp, USB cable, screw adapter, and a guide video, so you don’t have to buy an extra kit.

The FIFINE Microphones A6V and K651 will cost INR 6,990.00 and INR 7,990.00, respectively, and come with a one-year warranty. Starting in July 2022, you will be able to buy the FIFINE Microphones from Flipkart.com and Amazon.in.

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