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GETNEW OPTYX: Good Quality Neckband under 2K

About the Company:

GetNew Optyx is always coming up with new ways to create and bring new things to you. GetNew is a Tamil Nadu-based Indian startup with the brand name “GetNew.”

GetNew is adaptable, constantly renewing, innovative, and fresh. Its edge is razor-sharp. We soar high to explore new worlds, and we work tirelessly to create products that meet international standards, resulting in the next level of comfort, creativity, and experience to better people’s lives.

GetNew Optyx aspires to be the industry leader in smart technology! When it comes to making tomorrow’s technology available to people and connecting them, we believe in the first-mover advantage. We can see the features of this brand in this blog.

Getnew Optyx Neckband

GetNew Optyx’s Advantages:

Here We see the Advantages of this Neck Band as given below.

  • Stereo Sound and Deep Bass Immerse your senses in true HD stereo sound and deep bass with Getnew Optyx Wireless. Pump up your day with a powerful musical experience packed with deep, powerful bass.
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0 with Lower Power Consumption Getnew Optyx Wireless comes with the latest 5.0 Bluetooth that gives you complete freedom to move away from your phone. The latest Bluetooth 5.0 provides a faster and more stable connection along with lower power consumption. Now, get rid of paring and connection problems with Getnew.
  • With 200Mah powerful battery get a long battery life of up to. 35hrs Audio Playback with 100 – 0 percentage battery life notification.
  • The material used and braided cable
  • Bud size to the audio output
  • CVC for Call and also Aptx HD for Audio Output.
  • 10 minutes charge it will become 10hrs.
  • In Future Separate App will be made on this Brand.
  • Such as your phone, laptop, or any other device automatically upon priority.
  • It was also rated with IP55.
  • Tri Profile Mode was given to this device, Normal Mode, Base Mode, Low latency Gaming Mode.

Where to Buy and Current Offers:

This neckband is currently available for purchase through Flipkart and Getnew website,


There are many players in this type of neckband segment at this price, and it is also an Indian product with good features for this money. The lack of ANC in this brand’s neckband is a minor drawback, but this will be addressed in the future. TWS and Neckbanks will be launched in the future as well. As a result, we must assist him in becoming a successful brand.

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