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LG MoodUp refrigerator with color-changing tech announced at IFA 2022

At IFA 2022 in Berlin, Germany, LG unveiled its innovative refrigerator with MoodUP technology, which includes color-changing LED door panels. The new refrigerator skillfully blurs the lines between design and technology in order to better serve the changing needs of younger consumers.

With the help of LG’s MoodUP technology, users can design a unique lighting scheme for the refrigerator using a variety of vibrant colours to match their mood or the surroundings. In addition, users can use the device’s built-in Bluetooth speaker to play music to set the mood in the kitchen whether they are hosting a party or just cooking for themselves.

LG MoodUP Refrigerator Features:

The LG refrigerator with MoodUP technology offers unparalleled interior design flexibility and a new way to design a fashionable, integrated kitchen thanks to its inventive LED door panels. Users of the LG ThinQ app can instantly transform the atmosphere of their kitchen into a creative space by selecting from a palette of 22 colours for the upper door panel of the refrigerator and 19 colours for the lower door panel of the freezer.

By applying various, distinctive colour schemes, such as Season, Place, Healing, and Pop, users can also alter the appearance of the panels to match their mood. Season, for instance, uses the tones and hues of nature to represent the various seasons, whereas Healing evokes a sense of wellbeing through the use of soft, calming colours, thereby fostering a meditative environment.

LG MoodUp refrigerator with built-in Bluetooth speaker

A built-in Bluetooth speaker that can be easily connected to a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC allows LG’s new 21 cu. ft. refrigerator to play music in the kitchen in addition to its gorgeous, interchangeable colours. Users can choose songs from their favourite music streaming services or from the Music Collection playlist on the ThinQ app to match their mood or the refrigerator’s current theme.

The curated playlist includes 69 songs across seven themes and was made specially to go with LG’s MoodUp technology. Additionally, the refrigerator’s LED panels change colour in time with the music, bringing life and entertainment to consumers’ regular kitchen tasks.

To make life even simpler, LG’s new refrigerator has a number of user-friendly features as well as convenient and colourful notifications. The panel on the door left open blinks repeatedly to alert users that a door needs to be closed, preventing the loss of cold air and needless energy use. This feature is activated when the refrigerator’s door sensors detect that the refrigerator or freezer compartment has been left open.

Additionally, the refrigerator has motion sensors that can recognise when someone is approaching. The LED panels will blink to welcome visitors into the kitchen once they are detected. Even midnight snackers benefit from MoodUp technology because the freezer door illuminates brighter at night to aid in navigation.

The refrigerator offers a more conventional appearance in the kitchen when its LED door panels are off, using a combination of Lux Gray and Lux White (for the upper and lower panels, respectively). The modern, timeless design complements any decor and evokes the subtle, organic contrast of various coloured stones.

The revolutionary new design is also LG’s first refrigerator to use the brand’s proprietary On-Device AI chip. The module, which incorporates cutting-edge AI, enables the MoodUP technology to enhance and expand the user experience with features like improved voice and vision recognition, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Regarding the announcement, Brandt Varner, vice president of product market for LG Electronics Home Appliances said,

“Incorporating LG’s innovative design and cutting-edge technologies, the new refrigerator with MoodUP technology delivers functionality and convenience by adding a level of elevation to the home kitchen while keeping food fresher for longer. From customizable colors and moods to personalized playlists, this unique refrigerator demonstrates LG’s commitment to expanding and evolving the user experience for a better life at home.”


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