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Marshall’s Middleton: 360° Sound Anywhere, Anytime

Marshall has recently launched Middleton, the most massive portable sound system. Middleton Unveils Quad-Speaker Set-Up for Ultimate Immersive Experience on the Go. New device allows users to control playback and adjust bass and treble using top-mounted controls or a dedicated app.

Marshall's Middleton : 360° Sound Anywhere, Anytime

The latest audio technology includes Built-in Dynamic Loudness which automatically adjusts the tonal balance of the sound to ensure that your music sounds brilliant at every volume. Middleton has recently adopted True Stereophonic, a distinctive type of multi-directional stereo sound technology developed by Marshall. New technology now allows for superior spatial and binaural sound that can flow around you and fill any space. A new 360° sound technology has been developed, providing an optimal listening experience from any location. This revolutionary technology ensures that every spot is a sweet spot, delivering unparalleled sound quality.

Middleton’s iconic and durable design makes it equally suitable for festival mud or polished sideboards. Introducing the new rugged device with an IP67 rating that is resistant to dust and water. No need to worry about rain or dirt affecting its performance. Middleton, the latest addition to the market, is made of 55% post-consumer recycled plastic and is entirely free of PVC. Introducing the latest speaker that promises to deliver seamless music experience. With easy pairing, you can enjoy over 20 hours of portable playtime on a single charge. No hassle, just pure music enjoyment. Middleton introduces a new power bank feature that allows users to keep their music playing even when their phone battery is low. This feature enables users to charge their devices on the move, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment. Middleton speakers have the ability to connect with other Middleton speakers and amplify sound using Stack Mode, resulting in a sound that is as big as your imagination. Middleton’s music fills any space with massive sound, whether played stacked or solo.

Marshall's Middleton: 360° Sound Anywhere, Anytime

Marshall’s Middleton – SPECIFICATION

POWER AMPLIFIERSClass D amplifiers: 2 x 20 W, 2 x 10 W
DIMENSIONS109 x 230 x 95 mm
 4.29 x 9.06 x 3.74 in
WEIGHT1.8 kg
 4.0 lb

Optimised for Loud

Introducing the latest portable sound system that packs a punch – now you can carry the heaviest sound in the palm of your hand! Middleton has recently adopted Marshall’s True Stereophonic technology, which offers a distinctive type of multi-directional stereo sound, to provide an unparalleled immersive experience for users on the go.

New portable device offers ultimate portability in any weather condition.

Middleton’s iconic and durable design makes it equally suitable for festival mud or polished sideboards. Introducing the latest device with a rugged IP67 dust and water-resistant build, ensuring that a bit of rain and dirt won’t get under its skin.

New portable device boasts over 20 hours of playtime

Middleton has introduced a new portable speaker that boasts over 20 hours of playtime on a single charge. The latest speaker model can now fully charge in just 4.5 hours, ensuring that the next encore is always within reach.

Stack Mode is a new feature that allows you to amplify your sound.

Middleton residents can now connect their speakers to create a multi-speaker Stack session and amplify their sound. A new audio technology allows users to adjust the sound to fit any space they’re in. By stacking or spreading out the speakers, users can create a colossal sound that fills the room.

Introducing Superior and Hassle-Free Listening!

Middleton, the latest music gadget, offers a hassle-free experience by allowing users to simply pair and play their music without any complications. Listeners now have direct access to their desired music without any barriers. The latest speaker model offers users the ability to customize their sound experience. By adjusting the bass and treble on the top of the speaker or downloading the app, users can control the sound wirelessly.

Music industry takes steps towards sustainability.

Marshall’s latest release, Middleton, stays true to the brand’s iconic design that reflects its heritage. However, the new product also incorporates a more sustainable approach. A new speaker has been released that is made up of 55% post-consumer recycled plastic from used electronics, water bottles, and automotive light covers. This innovative product boasts a sturdy build and is also 100% PVC-free.

Marshall's Middleton: 360° Sound Anywhere, Anytime

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price announced.

Middleton reports a price of 31999 INR.

Middleton will be available globally for purchase online at marshallheadphones.com from the 17th of April 2023.

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