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Stuffcool 100W Centurion 4 Port Charging Station launched: One Charger For Every Personal Device You Own!

Stuffcool 100W Centurion

Stuffcool India has brought another interesting product under the chargers category which is Stuffcool 100W Centurion which is a 4 port charging and has two USB-C PD Ports and two Quick Charge 3.0 USB Type-A ports so that you can charge a MacBook Pro 16″, MacBook M1 Series, Ultrabooks, iPhones, and other smartphones. So let’s have a closer look at this interesting product, price details, and availability.

Stuffcool 100W Centurion:

Chargers play a vital role as tech gadgets are increasing rapidly in our homes. This leads us to a lot of mess and in some homes, the charging point might be limited or at a distance. In these kinds of situations, this Stuffcool 100W Centurion comes to the rescue. For all of your charging needs, the Centurion is the one-stop-shop. The Centurion, with a total power output of 100W, can charge every personal gadget you can think of. The Centurion can charge anything from a MacBook Pro 16″ to a DSLR camera to a Nintendo Switch gaming system.


100w charger
  • The Centurion has two PD-enabled Type C ports, each capable of delivering up to 100W, and two Type A ports, each capable of giving up to 30W. It also has every Fast Charging Protocol for all of your personal devices, including PD charging for Apple iOS and Google Pixel devices, Samsung AFC, Oppo/Vivo VOOC, and OnePlus Dash/Warp Charging, so you can charge everything with this beast.
  • Centurion is equipped with a sophisticated Auto Detect IC that ensures that each connected device receives the best possible power. It can charge the new MacBook Pro M1 (61W) and MacBook Air M1 (30W) at the same time, with 9W left over to charge your personal devices like Apple Watch or Airpods, thanks to its large 100W overall power output.
  • The Centurion is built with 6 layers of protection.

Pricing and Availability:

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