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Stuffcool launches 10000mAh Magnetic Wireless Powerbank

Stuffcool, the most popular brand of technological accessories in India, is pleased to announce the first product of its kind: a 10000mAh magnetic wireless powerbank that is pocket size and made in India.

The Magnetic Wireless Powerbank makes use of the most recent Magsafe Charging technology, which was introduced with the iPhone 12/13 series, to magnetically attach on the phone and charge the iPhone 12/13 series wirelessly. This technology was launched alongside the iPhone 12/13 series. The Magnetic Wireless powerbank is capable of charging other devices that are compatible with wireless charging, and it also supports fast wired charging for devices that are compatible, up to a maximum of 22.5 watts.

Tech Specs

Battery Capacity10000 mA.h / 37W.h
Input (Type-C)5V – 3A ; 9V – 2 A (18W)
Output (Type-C)5V – 3A ; 9V – 2.22 A ; 12V – 1.5 A (20W)
Output (USB A)5V – 3A ; 5V – 4.5A (22.5W) ;9V – 2.0 A ; 12V – 1.5 A (18W)
Output (Wireless)5/7.5/10/15W

The Magnetic Wireless Powerbank is able to wirelessly charge iPhone 12 / 13 series devices up to 15W. Additionally, it magnetically attaches to iPhone 12 / 13 series devices, making it incredibly convenient to carry around while charging at the same time. The Magnetic Wireless Powerbank is able to charge other Qi Wireless Charging devices up to 15W, including flagship Samsung phones, Pixel 6 /6 Pro phones, and Airpods Pro. It is also capable of charging other Qi Wireless Charging devices. Additionally, the Powerbank supports fast wired charging, providing PD20W Output from its type C port, which can charge an iPhone to 50 percent in 30 minutes. Additionally, the Powerbank supports 22.5W of QC3.0 fast charging power through its type A port for compatible Android devices.

India can take credit for manufacturing the Magnetic Wireless Powerbank. The powerbank has a rated capacity of 10000mAh, which means it can fully charge an iPhone 13 two times over. As a result of its portability and its compact size, it is an excellent accessory for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series of phones. You can also quick charge the powerbank by connecting it to a suitable PD wall charger and using the type C port on the device. The Magnetic Wireless Powerbank has been given the seal of approval from the BIS, and it also comes outfitted with cutting-edge safety protocols to protect both your phone and the powerbank itself.

Price and Availability

The Magnetic Wireless Powerbank is available on stuffcool.com and all leading offline stores.

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