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‘Urban Fit S’ Launched by Inbase. Most advanced AMOLED smartwatch.

Inbase, a well-known manufacturer of mobile accessories and electronic gadgets in India, has introduced its “Brightest” flagship wearable product, the “Urban Fit S” smartwatch. The new style icon boasts the brightest large and crisp Always On 1.78″ AMOLED display along with other noteworthy features such as Bluetooth Calling, 120+ Sports Modes, Voice Assistance, Inbuilt memory, Rotating Crown Function, and many more.

'Urban Fit S' Launched by Inbase. Most advanced AMOLED smartwatch.

The Inbase Urban Fit S is the ideal smartwatch for those who lead an active lifestyle because of its flexibility and adaptability. The Fit S is a very comfortable option for anyone looking for a smartwatch that they can wear all the time because it is made with a lightweight Zinc Alloy casing and a soft skin-friendly silicone strap. The extremely sophisticated square dial and strap combination comes in a total of four color variations: black, silver, green, and gray. These hues complement the watch’s otherwise impressive intelligence. Put it on with anything you wear and always model in style, whether you’re at the office, at evening parties, or at casual get-togethers.

Because it has a feature that allows for dual pairing, the Urban Fit S can be paired not only with your smartphone but also with your wireless audio equipment (headphone or TWS). In addition to this, you can make and receive calls directly from the smartwatch itself, and thanks to the high-definition speakers that are built right in, the experience is very immersive. We are also able to store music tracks on your watch thanks to the built-in memory, and then we can head out for your outdoor activity.

The touch user interface of the Inbase Urban Fit S smartwatch is exceptionally fluid and user-friendly. It also features a stylish menu and more than one hundred and fifty different watch faces to choose from. The advanced user interface makes it even easier to interact with the Rotating Crown, which puts everything into motion almost immediately. The Fit S has two actual buttons: the Home button and the Rotating Crown, which bring up the Quick Access Menu and the Home Page, respectively. Find my Device, Camera and Music Controls, DIY Watch Face, a Calculator, a Flashlight, and Weather Forecasts are just some of the additional features that come standard on the Fit S. The Fit S also has a lot more to offer.

“We are excited to come up with India’s most advanced AMOLED smartwatch with In Built Memory, 120+ Sports Modes, Rotate Crown Button, Outstanding Battery Life, Voice Assistance, Bluetooth Calling Function, Premium health Suit, the largest and brightest screen ever, and many more features all in one. The Inbase smartwatch has an outstanding battery life, voice assistance, Bluetooth calling function, premium health suit, and the largest and brightest At Inbase, we work hard to bring in cutting-edge products with unmatchable features so that our esteemed customers can experience premium quality products with advanced features; the Urban Fit S is one of the finest of all of these products

Said Aashish Kumbhat, Founder and Director of Inbase,

The Urban Fit S is not only an ideal companion for health and fitness, but it also comes with a Premium Urban Health Suit that is packed with a number of different health functions. It helps monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, and oxygen levels continuously throughout the day and throughout the night, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Physiological Cycle Reminder app is another option for women who want to monitor their menstrual cycles.

The Urban Fit S features more than 120 different active sports modes, each of which can automatically track your day’s activities and help you stay fit and healthy. This feature is geared toward people who lead active lifestyles. In addition, the app includes Sedentary Alerts, a Hydration Reminder, and a Breath Training feature, all of which work together to ensure that your health is always your primary concern.

Lastly, all of that intelligence is powered by a Realtek chip that has an extremely high power efficiency and a Lithium-Ion battery that can be recharged in less than an hour. Depending on how it’s used, the Urban Fit S has the potential to provide exceptional battery life even after a full charge. You can get up to 15 days if you only use the Notifications feature, up to 5 days if you use the standard features and disable Always On Display, or up to 3 days if you use all of the features and enable Always On Display.

Price and Availability:

The Inbase Urban Fit S Smartwatch will be made available for purchase at an introductory price of INR 4,999 and will come with a standard warranty of one year when it is released on the Urban Official Website as well as in all leading retail stores.

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