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The Price of the iPhone 14 Has Just Been Leaked, and Everyone Is Shocked.

Naver, a popular Korean blogging platform, has published a “credible” report claiming that an account called “yuex1122” has revealed the base iPhone 14 price to be $799.

The Price of the iPhone 14 Has Just Been Leaked, and Everyone Is Shocked.

Keeping the iPhone 14’s starting price at the same level as the iPhone 13’s would be a bold move on Apple’s part. The iPhone 12 also kept its $799 price tag, so it’s reasonable to assume that Apple will do the same with the iPhone 13. Nevertheless, in light of the current economic climate, this decision is sure to raise eyebrows.

With a decision made at the executive level, Apple has frozen the launch price of the iPhone 14 base model despite the recent price increase and supply chain instability. With the global mobile phone market having slowed down and demand decreasing, the entry price has been frozen despite some price increase factors in order to increase users’ desire to buy.

claims yuex1122 on naver

This is not such a crazy idea, after all! From what we’ve heard, the iPhone 14’s entry-level model will be equipped with the same A15 chip as the iPhone 13, so keeping the price stable is understandable. The iPhone 14 will feature several upgrades over its predecessor, but it may not be prudent to raise prices if doing so will reduce sales.

Now, this user, yuex1122, brags about their own accuracy rating of over 90%; that’s very kind of them. We’ve seen both accurate and inaccurate reports, so to say they’re 90% accurate is like me saying I’m basically 6 feet tall when I’m actually only 5 feet 9 inches tall. Take it with a grain of salt.

Let’s just take the good news for a change, though, right? It’s not a report about malfunctioning iPhones or anything like that, so, you know, good vibes.

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