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LG unveils ‘Breeze’ smart sleep care solution at CES 2023: Here are the features and everything you need to know


LG Electronics will showcase Breeze, a smart sleep care solution created by CIC, an in-house independent company, at CES 2023. LG also announces the launch of its revolutionary “ThinQ UP” appliances worldwide.

Breeze is a new model developed by SleepWave Company and launched by LG Electronics’ CIC (Company in Company) to help grow new businesses and open up new markets.

LG Smart Sleep Care Solution Breeze (brid.zzz)

Breeze promotes sleep so that customers can sleep easily, evaluates and controls their sleep condition in real time, and assists them in falling asleep. Breeze has the moral value of “letting customers have a refreshing morning like a breeze”.

Real-time customer sleep care through self-researched and developed EEG sound

Breeze is a wireless earphone that detects brain waves and plays sleep sounds, as well as a companion app that analyses sleep data and provides sleep care recommendations.

The ergonomic design of the wireless ear set ensures a secure and comfortable fit, even while sleeping. With a weight of 6 g (on one side), it is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

  • UV nanotechnology is used in the earphone case to keep it clean and maintainable. UVnano combines a “UV” (ultraviolet ray) LED that kills harmful germs with a “nanometer,” a unit of ultraviolet light wavelength.
  • Breeze uses “brain wave-tuned sound,” “lullabies,” and “ASMR” (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) like nature sounds to help clients sleep.
  • Breeze has approximately 80 built-in sounds that can be synced with music or YouTube videos.
  • Different frequencies are heard in the left and right brains to create sleep-promoting brain waves in brain wave-synchronized sound. Brain waves in deep sleep range from 0.5 to 3 hertz.
  • Listening to 100 Hz in one ear and 98 Hz or 102 Hz in the other produces 2 Hz brain waves, which induce deep sleep.

Breeze has sounds that are timed to your EEG, such as Static Binaural Beat, which repeats a set frequency, and LG Electronics’ Dynamic Binaural Beat. The frequency of dynamic binaural beats changes. Breeze analyses customers’ brain waves using proprietary technology and plays the optimal sleep frequency.

Analyze sleep patterns, self-learn, and provide personalized sleep care solutions

Breeze analyses sleep data and makes recommendations for better sleep habits. It also improves sleep quality by following proper sleep schedules.

Breeze has EEG capability. By watching the customer’s brain waves in real time, it is possible to figure out the “hypnosis phase,” which is the state of mind right before falling asleep, and the “REM (rapid eye movement) sleep,” which corresponds to the sleep phases “light sleep,” “deep sleep,” and “during sleep.” It precisely measures sleep stages, such as awakening.

  • Breeze tracks sleep and wake times, as well as sleeping posture and tossing. It also tracks daily steps taken on a smartphone running the app.
  • Breeze collects sleep patterns and living environment data to provide personalised sleep care solutions.

LG Labs Zone

At CES 2023, LG Electronics will have an area called “LG Labs Zone” to show off new and experimental products and services.

LG will also show off the “Hover Gym,” a unique exercise machine with world-class motor and control technology that lets you work out different muscles at home, as well as the “Excicle,” which makes it feel like you’re riding a real bicycle inside, and other products. 

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