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Machine Translation: What is it?Pros and Cons

Machine Translation
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Machine translation is the process of automatically translating text from one language (the source) to another (the destination) using artificial intelligence (AI). Yes, I agree that this has more disadvantages than advantages like literal translations experience difficulty with content that is more personal, as the main problems with literal translation arise from idioms and context. 

This makes literal translation particularly unsuited for consumer-facing content or content designed to inspire or convince.  Which also miss context clues, local languages, and local slang.  It also looks choppy and looks very incomplete in nature when the machine translation comes.  Sometimes it would be grammatically wrong even when it was manually done.  Even though there must be AI and machine learning, automation is not always perfect in day-to-day terms.

Machine Translation Pros:

Machine Translation allows multinational corporations to translate content at scale using “machines” like Google Translate. It’s frequently found as a tool built into localization platforms and employed by companies trying to cut expenditures on translation.

It has proven to be particularly effective for lower-tier content, for which Machine Translation is frequently considered the ideal answer. Machine Translation can offer translated content in a couple of seconds, depending on how much content needs to be translated.

In a nutshell, this is viewed as a simple, low-cost solution to a difficult problem (translation and localization at scale).  It can be successful for organizations searching for a low-cost solution for their enormous volumes of lower-tier information, as well as for global companies that combine it with human translation efforts.  After discussing the pros, it’s time to look at the cons of machine translation.

Machine Translation: Cons

There are pros and downsides to any translation method.  Machine Translation has a number of drawbacks, including its inability to detect cultural nuances, contextual context clues, and local slang. As a result, the content can feel a little robotic, choppy, and culturally incongruent.  While Machine Translation is an effective solution for lower-tier information that does not require substantial content sophistication, industry professionals frequently advise against utilizing it for customer-facing content that is more complex.

And, as with every new technology, the question of whether it will replace the previously human and manual methods of completion arises. To summarise, while Machine Translation improves the translation and localization process, it is highly improbable that technology will completely replace human translators and existing procedures.

In short, the issues raised above can be addressed by incorporating a human touchpoint into the translation and localization process.  Translators are crucial for spotting cultural subtleties, brand cohesiveness, and grammatical errors that machines miss, as well as adding that localized brand touch that will help firms retain brand continuity and integrity while scaling abroad.


More than that we need to accept there must be advantages also there to be in machine translation more of its lessening working time of the humans.  There are many free tools are available on the internet such as like Google translate and Skype translate etc. which are very useful for day-to-day tasks, it would be useful for quick turnaround time and like Google translate you can translate multiple languages in a single tool and Google is improving machine translations by using AI and machine learning so my thought is that there must be advantages and disadvantages whatever we took is good.

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