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New emoji

Microsoft has announced a new collection of emoji that will be available in Microsoft 365 apps and services, as well as Windows 11. This is a total redesign of the company’s emoji collection, which now numbers over 1,800. It’s the first time in a few years that Microsoft has made such a substantial alteration to its emoji.

Microsoft showcased many of the new emoji in a blog post illustrating the design process. The most significant adjustment made by Microsoft is that all emoji have become 3D designs. All of them will have a sense of depth, which should make them feel more lively. Microsoft has used flat designs for years, but the new emoji match the new UI elements in Windows 11.

Highlights: New emoji from Microsoft

  • Microsoft has made several new ones to illustrate the changing realities of mixed work. Due to virtual meetings, there is an emoji depicting a person wearing the upper half of a suit but only underwear from the waist down — surely something many of us can relate to.
  • Microsoft also mentions Clippy as an example of a redesigned emoji. The paperclip emoji is now represented by the old Windows assistant from back in the day, bringing back memories for those who used Windows in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
  • These emoji are already accessible in Flipgrid, and they’ll be coming to Microsoft Teams and Windows later this year, when Windows 11 is released. In 2022, other services such as Yammer and Outlook will receive the new emoji.

“We’re bringing our Fluent aesthetic to life within Microsoft 365 with more expressive themes, drawings, backdrops, and more,” Microsoft added.

By Tamil G