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Nothing phone (1): Everything you Need to know
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Carl Pei’s Nothing has unveiled its first smartphone, the Nothing Phone (1), When the device was unveiled, netizens had mixed reactions. While some users said it resembled the iPhone 12 without the back glass, others liked the company’s fresh design and concept.

Carl Pei Founder of Nothing, co-founded OnePlus, the ‘Flagship Killer’. OnePlus became popular because it offered flagship smartphone specs and features at half the price. It lost its narrative, though.

Carl Pei was a key part of the ‘flagship killer’ OnePlus, so everyone is watching his new venture. Nothing Ear is a truly wireless earphone (1). The device’s unique design, affordable price, and feature-rich user experience have been praised. What about Nothing’s Phone (1)?

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First, the smartphone’s design. The Nothing Phone (1) looks ‘fresh’ rather than unique because transparent smartphones already exist. Unlike Phone (1). The back’s glass panel reveals well-designed internal components. The internal components are hidden, but the team spent a lot of time and effort designing the back panel. The way Phone (1) shines with its aluminum frame, rear strip lights, and black glass looks new and premium.


While the company hasn’t revealed the front panel, leaks claim it will have a punch-hole display like the Samsung Galaxy S22. It’s fine for the company to release its first smartphone with a proven display technology. Most importantly, users are familiar with the hole-punch display, and it’s always better to sell a smartphone with a standard display than to incorporate new technology (like movable cameras) and put the customers in doubt. Technically, the Nothing Phone (1) should have an AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate.


The camera is also important. As seen online, the Nothing Phone (1) has dual rear cameras surrounded by a strip light. However, the company hasn’t revealed the cameras’ resolution, OIS availability, lenses, etc. Pei likes to criticize other smartphone makers for not innovating enough, so it’s safe to assume he has something for customers. As a trend, smartphones between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 40,000 feature a multi-cam setup where only two or three sensors are useful. Ultra-wide + normal or normal + telephoto cameras are likely on the Nothing Phone (1).


Let’s talk Nothing Phone chipset (1). Since this is the company’s first smartphone, a reliable processor is crucial. The Nothing Phone (1) will have a Qualcomm chipset, but which one? The new Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 chipset could be in the phone for two reasons. First, leaks suggest Nothing Phone (1) will be a mid-premium phone, so it may be difficult for the company to equip it with top-of-the-line chipsets like Snapdragon 888 or Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Some leaks say Phone (1) will have a Snapdragon 7 series chipset. Since it must power a new operating system and be battery-friendly, the Nothing Phone’s processor choice is crucial (1).


Nothing has confirmed that its first smartphone will have wireless charging, but there’s no information on battery capacity or charging speed. Given that other mid-premium phones have 4,500 and 5,000 mAh batteries, the Nothing Phone (1) needs a good battery. Whether or not it supports ultra-fast wired charging doesn’t matter to us as the smartphone is all about bringing a fresh design to the market – it’s not a performance/gaming smartphone nor is it marketed as one. As for connectivity, the device should support 5G networks, as buyers will use it for several years.


Last, the Nothing Phone (1) shouldn’t be too expensive. If the company competes with OnePlus or Apple is different. This is its first smartphone, and pricing will determine if it breaks the market or breaks itself. Finally, nothing here detracts from the hard work put into the Nothing Phone (1). The purpose of this article is to provide context for the smartphone launching on July 12, 2022. For now, the Nothing Phone (1) looks like ‘nothing’ on the market.

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