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Nothing Phone (1): Features Multiple rear LEDs explained
Nothing revealed multiple LEDs in live images last week. Marques Brownlee, a YouTuber, posted a video today revealing the applications for those LEDs on the back. He claims that there are over 900 LEDs on the back that form a pattern. The glow is known as the customizable glyph interface.

Amazing features of rear LEDs on the Nothing Phone (1)

When you place the phone face down, the Flip to Glyph feature activates the LEDs for message and call notifications. When you wirelessly charge or reverse wireless charge your accessories, the light in the center illuminates. When you connect the wired charger, the bottom LEDs illuminate to serve as a charging progress bar. This turns off after a few seconds to conserve battery power, but it comes back on when you touch or wiggle the phone. When taking a photograph, the entire set of LEDs can be turned on to brighten the image. A dedicated LED flash is also located next to the camera. A separate red LED light in the top corner serves as a recording indicator fpr videos. There are ten built-in ringtones with custom light patterns for each that you can pair with contacts to see who is calling. This will be customizable for app notifications as well.

At the start of the video, when demonstrating the notification LED settings, Marques shows the front of the phone, which reveals a punch-hole camera on the left side and minimal bezels around the screen.

Nothing has partnered with StockX to auction the first 100 serialized units of phone (1) through DropX. The 48-hour auction has begun on

More information about the phone should become available in the coming weeks, before it becomes official on July 12th.

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