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Opera is now developing to integrate ChatGPT into browser’s sidebar

Opera ChatGPT Integration

The PC and mobile browsers from Opera will soon feature AI-generated content offerings. The ChatGPT-powered “Shorten” tool, which condenses articles and webpages, will soon be available in the browser. This comes after Microsoft recently unveiled the Edge browser and the Bing search engine, both of which make use of ChatGPT.

Opera browser experience with ChatGPT powered AI-Generated content services

With new AI-powered capabilities, Opera hopes to improve the surfing experience by incorporating AI-generated content offerings into its browser. The first function being tested is “Shorten,” a button in the address bar that uses AI technology to produce concise summaries of articles or webpages.

This is a response to the overwhelming volume of difficult-to-process online stuff. Opera offers a more streamlined and pertinent browsing experience by giving users access to AI services like ChatGPT and creating a tool that filters and summarises content for users.

For its browser, news, and gaming applications, Opera is attempting to extend its AI programme into AI-generated content. It will accomplish this by developing its own solutions and forming alliances with both old and new businesses. The need for AI services has increased dramatically, as seen by ChatGPT’s record-breaking 100 million user milestone.

The integration of AI technology by Opera is consistent with its history of giving consumers direct access to well-known online services like TikTok, Telegram, and WhatsApp.

Song Lin, Opera’s co-CEO, said in the announcement,

In more than 25 years of our company’s history, we have always been at the forefront of browser innovation. Whether inventing browser tabs or providing our users with built-in access to generative AI tools, we always push the limits of what’s possible on the web. Following the mass interest in generative AI tools, we believe it’s now time for browsers to step up and become the gateway to an AI-powered web.

Krystian Kolondra, EVP PC Browsers and Gaming at Opera, commented on the AI solutions, saying,

It is Opera’s belief that with AI solutions springing up both for text, image, and audio generation and in countless other forms, we are at the brink of a new era of creativity on the Web. That’s why we’re reshaping the browser to allow our users to tap into all these resources and to unfold their full potential in the best possible way.

Per Wetterdal, head of strategic partnerships and the AI ecosystem, commented on the AI experience, saying,

We see the rise of Generative Intelligence as the beginning of a new future in which consumer app developers like Opera will be able to build experiences on top of AI-based platforms. We are excited to see the rapid roll-out of developer programs for solutions such as Google Bard, for example, and are starting to build and roll out new experiences in web browsing that not very long ago seemed impossible to achieve.

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