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Saints Row Reboot will be available in February 2022! What to expect?

Saints Row

Saints Row is getting a reboot. For good reason, the over-the-top open-world criminal series was released to show off a setting that is more grounded than what we’ve come to anticipate from the series. Deep Silver Volition, the game’s creator, asserts that in order to start over, it needs to reverse the lunacy of previous entries. It’s no surprise, given that the last game and its expansion put you in space and pitted you against Satan, respectively. The PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC versions of Saints Row will be released on February 25, 2022.

According to the game’s datasheet, the PC release will be limited to the Epic Games Store. If you were hoping for it to be released on Steam, you’re in for a long wait, much like previous releases from publisher Deep Silver, such as Metro Exodus.

About Saints Row…

The Saints Row series is known for its outrageous open-world gameplay, which is more akin to a cartoon than Grand Theft Auto. Initially intended as a parody of Grand Theft Auto, the franchise swiftly evolved into a constantly funny pastiche of other properties, including — strangely enough — Mass Effect and Michael Bay’s Armageddon. This relaunch aims to remove some of the most obnoxious references while keeping the fundamental gameplay, which emphasizes enjoyment over nonsense like “reality.” There appear to be a plethora of strange clothes, interesting cars, and bizarre weapons. It also appears to have borrowed another of the original franchise’s best features: a diverse cast.

Expectations on Saints Row Reboot!

The Saints Row reboot puts players in charge of their own original character, just like the previous games. They’ll take on the role of Boss and form their own crime syndicate with the support of four of their buddies, rising through the ranks of the city’s criminal empire.

Santo Ileso is a city inspired by the American Southwest, and a CGI video featured gritty desert roads, a Las Vegas-style area, and more. Three main characters and your configurable protagonist star in the story as you develop a criminal empire and battle three rival groups in the city.

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