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Samsung Z fold 2
Samsung’s fold series is rumored to have S- pen feature from next year onwards.
The reason 🤔 for this is their discontinuation of their ace note series. 
Since the launch of an ‘ultra’ phone segment on ‘s’ series, Samsung planned to discontinue their ‘Note’ series as there isn’t any significant upgrade on their upcoming ‘Note’ series , except s-pen.
Samsung Note 20 Ultra
Previously ‘Note’ series was launched for productive purpose with large AMOLED screens with their unique s-pen feature. But in 2020 every phone has become large in screen size. This would made Samsung to discontinue their ‘Note’ series and bring that s-pen feature to their only ‘ultra’ phone of that year which not only makes their ‘ultra’ phone UNIQUE  from other models also it strives user to buy that costly model who loves the s-pen feature.
Also some strong rumored suggest that the exclusive s-pen feature may debut on their premium ‘Fold’ series too. It is obvious that Samsung should also satisfy their users spending that huge amount on next generation folding phones.😉

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