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Samsung treats smartphone users’ data as state secrets.

According to a senior executive at Samsung, national-state bad actors are using government spyware like NSO Group’s Pegasus and now Android-based ‘Hermit’ to infiltrate the devices of high-profile users and protect their secrets as state secrets.

Some of the most important things about us are on our phones, like our personal IDs, financial information, location and health data, private and professional conversations, app usage, and more.

According to Dr. Seungwon Shin, VP and Head of Security at Samsung Electronics, hackers know that smartphones can be used to get into our personal information, finances, and personal accounts. They have increased their attacks on mobile users through mobile malware, phishing, and other means.

“That’s why it’s never been more important to keep our users and their data safe,” he said in a virtual meeting.

“We protect every part of the device, from the chipset to the operating system and apps, with hardware-backed security,” Dr. Shin said.

Samsung has made TEEGRIS, a security operating system that lets partners use hardware cryptography, encryption, and access controls for a more secure app experience.

The company also checks the integrity of key security components and functions to stop unauthorized software from loading onto the device.

“Our patented real-time Kernel Protection and DEFEX are some of the only technologies that can stop critical actions that could compromise the device while it is on,” Dr. Shin said.

“Samsung Knox,” which started out as an enterprise security solution, quickly grew into a defense-grade security platform that “provides true end-to-end protection for consumers and businesses throughout the entire lifecycle of our products,” Because there’s no privacy without strong security. The only way to truly protect users’ privacy is to make sure their information never gets into the wrong hands. That’s why everything we do is to keep them and their information safe “Dr. Shin noticed.

said Dr. Shin, who leads the security R&D team in the Mobile eXperience Business.

Samsung has also added up to four generations of One UI and Android OS upgrades to some Galaxy devices.

“Samsung’s responsibility to protect consumers doesn’t end when a device is in the hands of a customer. We give them control over their data with the Privacy Dashboard, which shows them who has access to their data and how it is being used “a Samsung executive said.

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